Beauty and WellbeingA health infusion.

A health infusion.

IV therapy and ‘drip’ bars have become one of the hottest new wellness trends based on their ability to efficiently deliver a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients directly to the bloodstream, where they can be readily absorbed by the body. 

Infuse U- the only intravenous vitamin hydration and wellness company in Jersey was created by Dr Jane Bracken after a family member was diagnosed with Cancer and advised to be treated with high dose IV Vitamin C. Unable to receive this treatment in Jersey, Jane felt she needed to help provide this care for them and others in the same situation. Together with 3 other passionate highly trained medical professionals – Dr Ivor Thompson, Nikki Faux and Mike Dudek the IV Infuse- U business was started on the island.

We caught up with Dr. Bracken to find out more about the benefits of this booming wellness business. 

For those who’ve never heard of IV therapy or someone unfamiliar with this market – please can you explain what it is?

IV Vitamin Therapy is not new, invented over 30 years ago by Dr John Myers, a physician who believed that many diseases were related to nutrient deficiencies, designed infusions to treat these conditions with amazing results – the Myers Cocktail is one of our most popular infusions. It is essentially a nutrient-rich intravenous (IV) therapy that typically contains a combination of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C and other active ingredients.  Infuse-U’s IV Vitamin Therapy works by infusing vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream at a faster rate and higher dose than is possible through oral consumption. Bypassing the digestive tract allows for 100% absorption of all nutrients, which makes them immediately available for cellular use unlike oral vitamins that up to 80% are lost in the gut. We also have a bespoke service which includes treatments that are based on your DNA so specifically tailored to you alone. 

What are the benefits?

The stress and busyness of daily life can put a strain on your immune system, especially during the winter when we are exposed to more cold and flu viruses. With Infuse-U’s IV therapy you can ensure you’re well protected against infections by boosting your immune system with a high dose of vitamins A, D ,E C and B complex and zinc. This makes it an ideal treatment for stressed business men and women as it’s great at recharging peoples batteries. IV therapy can also give you the edge when it comes to physical performance for athletes, or those preparing for a sporting event. Our therapy helps repair cellular damage and assist your body’s natural healing process leading to reduced recovery time and improved endurance. Our athletes have all reported improvements in their times and recovery post operations. 

The benefits of an Infuse-U IV treatment are particularly advantageous if you are vegetarian or vegan. B12 which is commonly found in meat, fish, cheese, milk and eggs is vital for brain function and a deficiency can severely affect the brain and nervous system causing muscle weakness, mild depression or anxiety, confusion and in some cases, dementia. B12 is one of the many vitamins included in the IV therapy making it an ideal treatment for those not eating meat products. It can also be given on its own in IM (intramuscular injections) which are very popular. In addition to this it is a great hangover and jet lag cure because the deliverance of essential vitamins provide relief from the after-effects of dehydration. 

The hydrating saline solution helps reduce any symptoms of dizziness and headaches whilst the powerful combination of vitamins will soothe any feelings of nausea, fatigue, desert sleeping patterns and anxiety to help you get your day back on track. 

As well as treating a wide range of health concerns, many of the nutrients in our drips are required for the maintenance of healthy skin and hair – biotin helps with hair loss (our intramuscular Biotin injections has shown to improve hair condition and prevent or reduce hair loss), magnesium and vitamin C and Glutathione leave your skin looking healthier and softer with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty starts from within!

What are the effects?

You may experience a lift in mood or an increased feeling of alertness. This is because IV Therapy provides vital nutrients like amino acids, ascorbic acids, glutathione and B vitamins all of which provide a significant boost in energy. With IV therapy, you can begin to feel the positive effects on your body almost instantly. Within several hours, you can feel the full effects of the IV nutrients, as you’ll have more energy, think more clearly, and enjoy an improved mood. Most clients experience mild improvements at the beginning, and those benefits continue to increase with subsequent visits.  The effects last up to 3/4 weeks and the ideal is to combine the therapy with healthy eating and exercise to achieve the best effects. If money were no object, monthly infusions would be ideal but a one-off visit will also yield noticeable results. 

Are there any negative side effects?

IV Vitamin Therapy is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive method that is well tolerated by most people and has a low risk of adverse side effects. Before any treatment begins, the team at Infuse U will test your vital signs, monitor your blood pressure, and carefully examine your health history. Doses will be adjusted to your individual needs, and every therapy session is conducted under strict supervision.

Where can I get the treatment and what do they cost?

Infuse-U treatments are available at our 16 Sand Street and 9 Bath Street Bracken Barrett dental surgeries but we have the flexibility to come to you at home or your office. We look after corporates, going in during the lunch hour and are part of their wellness programs to destress and reinvigorate the team at their desks.  You won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for your treatment to be completed. Most Infuse-U treatments can be done in under an hour. You simply relax and enjoy the process in a comfortable, relaxed environment, wherever you choose. Prices start at £60 and our website lists the full range of treatments as well as feedback from past clients. Most of our clients are now repeat customers and rave about the service and the IV infusions at Infuse U.

A discount code is on offer for Gallery readers, simply quote GALLERY15 when booking to receive 15% off your IV treatment. Call 01534 281222 or visit the website:

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