Twitter Wit – Little Joe

Surfing since he was 14, Joe?s worked his way up from early lessons at Atlantic Waves with a board from a car boot sale, to winning his first open at the age of 17 and competing on a longboard in the World Championships.  When he?s not surfing, you?ll find him running his surf shop, Little Joe?s (next to Big Vern?s) and planning new surf classes for surf groms.  And despite traveling the world with his longboard, from Costa Rica to Australia, Joe still thinks Jersey has some great surfing? ?We get great waves here, I think we?ve got some of the best beach break waves in Britain, it just depends on whether we?ve got the swell or not?.

Hi Joe! It?s our adrenaline issue ? when was your most adrenaline-inducing moment?
Getting a surf spot in Australia ?Kirra? at 6-8ft and perfect in 2009… On a longboard.

Sounds amazing. Where?s your favourite surf spot?
Cutty Sark.

Worst wipeout? ? go on, don?t spare the gory details?
Hit a live reef in Indonesia, shredded my back, lime juice used as a cut cleaner.

Ouch? So, after a hard day catching waves, what?s your perfect post-surf snack?
Big Vern?s chicken nuggets and chips.

Ok Joe, on to the really deep questions now? what was your most embarrassing moment?
Jumping off a boat with some of my surfing heroes watching.  I had my leash wrapped around the railing. Hilarity ensued.

Gallery can imagine.  Quickfire round coming up.  Favourite book?
Lord of the Rings.

Earliest memory?
Helping my Dad ?move? fruit in the market.

What objects do you always carry
with you?
My Nokia 1209 (3310 upgrade) and a pen behind my ear.

Tell us a secret?
Err? then it wouldn?t be a secret!

What scares you?
My girlfriend.

What would your superpower be?
I?d like to control the elements (think a male Storm from X-Men – without the catsuit).

What?s your worst habit?
Sniffing my top lip.

Where ? apart from Jersey of course ? would you like to live?
Costa Rica!

Most over-used phrase?
?Cup of tea??

Milk, no sugar thanks? Oh, we?re still interviewing? Complete this phrase: ?If I hadn?t become a surfer I?d be??
?a chemist – actually using my degree.

And lastly, what?s the most important lesson life has taught you?
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.



About Little Joe?s

Little Joe?s Surf Shop runs a surf school with surf camps for ages 5-7 as well as 8-14.  It?s aimed at giving the kids some fun while getting them more confident in the water.  The surf camps start at the end of July, but there are also surf lessons, birthday parties and team building events which run through the season.

Little Joe?s Surf Shop
Next to Big Verns
Five Mile Road
St Ouen / @littlejoesurf
Tel: 483707