Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

paintmedic1So, tell us a little about Paint Medic…
Paint Medic is a hub of up-to-the-minute technology and SMART repair techniques – from colour coding to scratches and scuffs, to paint chips and alloy wheel repairs, we’re a convenient, mobile, speedy and environmentally safe solution to cosmetic vehicle overhaul.

What did you do prior to starting this business?
I was a sales and design consultant for a bathroom and kitchen showroom.

How do you differ from the standard body shop?
There’s no need to file an insurance claim, customers can keep their no claims bonus intact whilst avoiding a higher premium, which of course cuts down on costs! All in all, Paint Medic’s prices are generally lower than your excess.

‘There’s no waiting around for a quote. We’re all about convenience and we’ll even come to your door, or you can drop your car off on your way to work and pick it up when you’re done’.

What you wanted from this business?
I wanted to do something that I’ve always been interested in and in this case, that’s the visual aspect of cars. I was stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy and when I got to the age of 35, I decided to follow my dreams. Paint Medic has given me a second lease of life; I learn something new every day. I’m passionate about the personal aspect of my business. It’s just me, one on one with the customers.

What inspired you to get this venture off the ground?
After looking into the SMART process (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique) and joining several online forums, I started chatting to people in the field. I then signed up to a work placement in Cornwall with CarDoc, which proved an invaluable experience. After joining a course in Portsmouth, which granted me the title of a fully fledged IMI Approved Technician, I had both the skills and the passion to pursue this venture. Once back in Jersey, I put my all into launching Paint Medic.

Any life lessons learnt that have helped you to succeed?
Patience and planning leads to success.

The hardest challenge you’ve had to conquer since starting up Paint Medic?
The weather!! It was relentless at the start of the year and rained for two months non stop. I had to find a solution that would allow me to continue the cosmetic repair service regardless of the constant stream of showers – a garage. I have a short-term lease at the moment but hope to find a more permanent fixture in the future.

Your future plans?
I want to keep it small and intend to stay that way -– a business that offers a personal touch. I always offer unbeatable customer service and I’m constantly on the look out for new and exciting products and services to bring to the company, I’ll hopefully even get someone else on board. I’m not going to say too much…so just watch this space!

What advice do you have for those wishing to become entrepreneurs themselves?
Give it lots of thought, choose something you enjoy and go with it. I felt I was missing out with a 9-5 job so decided to follow my dreams instead. I now offer a full set of repair solutions to car owners, trade and fleet managers and dealerships, and I’m doing something I love!

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