Roll up, Roll up! - the bacon butty low down

Roll up, Roll up! – the bacon butty low down

roll The key to making a great bacon butty is simplicity. It requires the essentials – bacon (of course), buttery toast and hp or tomato ketchup to your taste. Anything else, and you may have gone a step too far. This is a guide to some of the best bacon sarnies in town. Armed with six mouthwatering bacon butties, i climb the stairs to gallery hq. Needless to say the entire office was intent on surrendering their tastebuds, eager to try one of the most popular breakfast indulgences known to man…

Smoked or unsmoked, fatty or trimmed, grilled or fried, red sauce or brown…whatever your preference, bon appétit!


Priced at £3.50
Why? This hot smoked bacon roll comes direct from the wood fired oven. Lashings of ‘proper’ bacon are enveloped in a rich, buttery brioche. It’s hard not to notice the delicious strips of juicy pork heaven, yet before we’ve even taken our first bite, the smell alone is enough to awaken the senses. This is a super plush sarnie – it’s less butty-like and more designer, and the bacon is cooked to perfection. It also comes wrapped in the signature Don Street Deli packaging, which makes it that extra bit special.

Priced at £2.30
A nostalgic experience for many and a real institution. This is a sandwich we’ve grown up with. The generously buttered, pan-fried bread gives this sarnie its unique flavour – a perfect pairing to the salt-steeped bacon.

Priced at £2.60
This is the kind of bacon sandwich you crave after a heavy night on the tiles. Both slices of the thick-cut, rustic baguette have been lavishly buttered and drenched in sauce. It smells, looks and tastes epic.

Certainly one for the heartier eater – there’s about five slices of thick-cut bacon per bun. The bread is soft and bouncy and the portions are extremely generous.

Priced at £3.25
It smells a little like gravy, but this isn’t a bad thing! Delivered in less than 2 minutes, this is a great one for busy foodies. Served in a nice crispy baguette, the bacon is well cooked and flavoursome – thumbs up from the tasting team.

Priced at £2.75
Judging by the heavily seeded bread, this is possibly one of the more ‘healthy’ options. There’s certainly no grease in sight!


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