Return of the B-Boy

Return of the B-Boy

Bizarre Ride Live is likely to be a serious contending highlight of this year’s Reasons Electronic Music & Arts Festival in Jersey, on Saturday 11th July in Coronation Park.

The LA Hip Hop outfit originating from the early 90s held one very wilfully weird vision – to stay true to themselves with their leftfield, South Central sensibility. Known for their blend of intelligence and humility this four-piece rap group will be performing their entire iconic 1992 debut album “Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde” (originally released on Delicious Vinyl Records).

Gallery Magazine caught up with Bizarre Ride Live’s Slimkid3 to find out more about what Reasons goers can expect from the performance of this classic alternative record of west coast production on the big day.

Can you just clarify Bizarre Ride Live’s current line up and how you’ve evolved from the original line up?

Our current line up is Slimkid3, Fatlip, J Swift (Original Pharcyde producer), L.A. Jay (Original Pharcyde producer), and K Natural (Original and youngest member of The Wascals). These are all parts of the Original Family. The evolution was a part of growing though our musical journey. Bizarre Ride is our new Space Shuttle to travel to the Phar and Beyond. 😉

Take us back to the time Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde was written (over 22 years ago now). What was going on musically, and creatively, for you guys at the time?

When I think of the Pharcyde… I can just think of us. There was more to our crew than people knew. There was a group called GTI that we hung out with daily, there was Jazzy Phat Nasties, there was Quinton, there was J Swift, there was the Wascals, there was Freestyle Fellowship, there was Tone Loc and his Crew, there was SCU with Reggie Andrews… Our life was full of people who were like family to us, Brothers from another Mother, and sisters too. We all had common struggles and victories that we could enjoy together in twisted ways at times. We always kept it real. NO MATTER WHAT. It helped us grow up and own up. And that reflected in the music that we made, from Bizarre Ride ii the Pharcyde, to Lab Cabin California, to Plain Rap, to music in present day. We all needed each other to sharpen each other. We were each other’s teacher and student.

What factors inspired the writing and the content of the album?

Everything inspired us. The hard times, the fun times, the music, the girls…

Why do you think it had the mammoth impact that it did? What made it stand out?

I believe it had the mammoth impact that it did because it was truly different and it was also honest. We were being honest with ourselves about who we truly were, being young and wild and stupid and fresh and wack and everything… and we just didn’t give a fuck. We weren’t gangsters, we weren’t R&B, we were dirty, we were bud heads, we were shroomers, and late bloomers, and the list goes on but we embraced it. Everything inspired us. The hard times, the fun times, the music, the girls…

Michael Ross, the co-founder of Delicious Vinyl (who also executively produced the album itself) was spearheading the album’s 20th anniversary live show which took place on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Why was he so keen to create a show where the album was played in full?

He knows us well… And it was the best choice ever made, to bring Bizarre Ride back to life in the ways that he did. He knows the original energy and vibe of what it is, and so does the team so… It was a no brainer move. Plus it was a must to give the fans what they have been missing.

How persuasive did he have to be to get you guys on the road with it?

More than persuasive… It was the right thing to do. The Pharcyde energy tends to call upon its self often, and this 20 year anniversary was at the perfect time with whatever elements we had to do it.

How different is it performing a single body of work such as an album, as opposed to scattered tracks within a live show?

Well performing the album just brings the listener back to a space and a place where they first took flight on the Bizarre Ride experience. I think they have a stronger connection after that. It’s like their fold out reading book came to life.

Tell us about the current live set up.

Our current live set up is… four MC’s and a Dj, with some nice video intertwined.

What sorts of crowds and where, are you playing out to at the moment?

We have a super diverse crowd. I’m so happy for that. I can say from 12 yrs old to 60. In Japan there was a family that brought their one year old, and their six year old that jammed right in front of the stage… I was so surprised how thrilled they were. And in other parts of the work we have played to an over 40 crowd that were right there with us every step of the way, loving how we still feel fresh to them. Then there is the 18 to 30 crowd that just go all out with their discovery of what seems like the new Gold. We play all over the globe. Literally. Japan, Singapore, Europe, Canada, America, South America… It’s a blessing.

What has been the reaction from fans so far?

The reaction from fans has been extremely positive, open, receptive, love filled… The list of good goes on. I think they truly enjoy the 90’s era, and they love expressing that fact to us, young and old.

Which artists continue to inspire you guys today?

New inspirations I would say Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Run The Jewels, Nickelus F, Bizarre Ride, and … Hummm. I’ll have to keep thinking on the new ones. Old inspirations… I’ll say Dr. Dre, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, B- Real, Saul Williams…

Can we expect new sounds/material from the camp anytime in the near future?

Yes you can. We have a new song called, Double Lief, that is on our Titty tape that folks can buy at the shows. Currently it’s a pre-cursor to our full length album. Also I have released an album with Dj NuMark of Jurassic 5 called, TRDMRK (Slimkid3 and Dj NuMark), the music for that project is on iTunes, and, with three amazing new videos on Youtube. As for Bizarre Ride, we are currently in the mix of making a video for Double Lief now too.

What can fans at the Jersey show expect on the day of Reasons Festival?

They can expect some true fun and loving vibrations from an amazing era!

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