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Rebecca Le Montais

Le Montais, otherwise known as Rebecca Lewis, is a Jersey girl with the potential to be heard right around the world. The island has its fair share of talent, but this singer/songwriter is truly stand out. If you’ve not picked up on her yet, you are in for a treat.

Le Montais has an ethereal sound; a vocal that echoes  the likes of Lana Del Ray. In fact, if Lykke Li, Cat Power and  Ms Del Ray meshed together, you’d be close to the aural beauty that Le Montais bestows on your ears. Her clever lyrics are testament to the production of each of her tracks; think, Dua Lipa candidness – Le Montais joins the ranks of empowered, female voices for 2021. Don’t be mistaken though, Le Montais is fully in her own lane – she’s no imitation of anyone and doesn’t fit in any particular ‘box’. She’s masterfully blended a whimsical sound with whip-like lyrics, smart as a tack and beautifully composed – Le Montais has basically personified her music, and its authentically HER.

Her songs are brimming with “provoking sound and performed in such energetic high pitches and line punches that [they] could trigger any party house with zero worries…

Lyrically filled with heart burning flames like in our daily love lives… Le Montais is very constructive with her lyrics, in such  a way that could revive a broken heart…” –  Obaland Magazine

Rebecca grew up with two rambunctious big brothers, which is likely why she’s made of such stern stuff. She’s straight talking, funny, bubbly and unbelievably modest –  a beautiful bunch of traits for a rising star. Growing up in a musical household has led her to a budding career doing exactly what she loves, and what she’s excellent at. With a foundation of confidence in her creativity thanks to her  family (Glastonbury regulars who mesh together a love of  the church and punk rock music) it’s no wonder Rebecca is a triple threat of artistry – she writes, sings, produces, paints and cooks superbly too.

I am a person who thrives off of change. I love meeting new people, travelling, eating new things, so as long as I have some kind of exciting thing happening in my life, usually the creativity keeps flowing. This past year has actually been one of the most creative ones to date all things considered!

From her first standing ovation at school to today –  Le Montais brings a formidable force to the stage and actually, she sounds equally good when performing live and direct. She’s honed her craft and continues to grow as an artist.

Just throw yourself into every opportunity and don’t be afraid to fail. I love the phrase, ‘if you do it wrong, do it strong’, then at least if things turn into a complete disaster, you won’t have any regrets thinking ‘only if I’d done more’… AND don’t let anyone make you feel small and tell you that what you’re doing doesn’t matter. Quite often people do this to manipulate you into doing the things they want. Don’t be blindsided by stories  of success if you are adamant what you’re doing is right.

Finally, we asked Le Montais to sum up in 100 words, her thoughts on the local arts scene… this is what she said…

“It’s growing, evolving and diversifying. The arts scene in jersey has come a long way since I left at 18 and it is teaming with lots of young talent with fresh ideas. Our job now is to educate the public of those people and projects. We need to stop using the same people for everything, the same musicians, the same videographers, the same photographers and give the new people coming through a platform, otherwise young people will give up before they even get started because they think that there’s no room for them.

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