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25 volunteers from RBC Wealth Management have been working with a team from the National Trust for Jersey to help integrate the new Wetland Centre into the surrounding environment by planting a ‘green roof’ at the site.  The RBC Wealth Management volunteers spent Saturday 9 November helping the National Trust team with planting the green roof and assisting with the restoration of the reed bed, which is being developed to draw birds and other wildlife toward the viewing area. A green roof is a sustainable alternative to traditional roofing that involves partially or completely covering the roof of a building with vegetation. By restoring the natural landform created by sand dunes in the area, the newly-planted green roof helps to minimise the visual and environmental impact of the Centre being constructed to allow islanders and visitors to learn about and observe the local wildlife. Green roofs come in many forms but usually consist of a waterproof membrane installed over a deck, the installation of irrigation and water drainage systems, a growing medium which varies in thickness depending on what it will support and then finally the vegetation itself. The vegetation layer will be carefully selected to provide a more natural finish and include indigenous species.

Jon Parkes, Senior Countryside Ranger, National Trust for Jersey, said: ‘A crucial element of the Wetland Centre project is that it has the least possible impact on the surrounding area, whilst offering the greatest level of access for visitors to the hide. Thanks to the tremendous support from the RBC staff this groundbreaking scheme is now close to completion.’

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