Professional Qualifications ? A marvellous thing to have but such a painful...

Professional Qualifications ? A marvellous thing to have but such a painful experience obtaining them .

As most of us who have just left full time education know, entering the world of full time employment is a bit of a shock to the system.  A timetable with free periods is not factored into the 7 hour working day .(oh and by 7hour I mean 9hour). To add insult to injury, education does not stop as soon as full time employment comes along – the next step  required to climb the career ladder  is to mix that high pressure full time employment world with a professional qualification and then the pressure really hits boiling point .

If you are offered to study, you are one of the lucky ones; your employer clearly values you and is making a significant investment in you.  Take an accountancy qualification for example; The ACCA qualification has 14 papers, each of which require an average of 8.5 tuition days per paper  add study leave, holidays and bank holidays,  it comes to about 186 days out of the office and costs about £150,000 in fees and lost chargeable time.

Whilst days out of the office to study may be appealing, it could be more hassle that it is worth.  When you are studying, will someone do your work or will it pile up for your return? Will your team mates love you for leaving them under-resourced for days on end? Will the clients be happy with your blocks of time off?

The answer is to have a balance.  Onestudy have devised a time-table to look after the student and the employer.

1.     Weekly bite-size chunk classes ? Number crunching classes in 3 hour weekly chunks.  We know you are all super-brains but day after day of number crunching will drive you insane!

2.     A bit of give and take ?  Some classes in  the  evenings and weekend to avoid large chunks of time out the office.   Also, keep  your    precious  study leave  days   for the exam week when you  may  need to cram .
Onestudy is the only provider in the channel islands offering the full ICSA programme every season and an ACCA programme based  on  minimising time out of the office. To date they have achieved outstanding pass rates, including 2 ICSA worldwide prizewinners at professional level. Their material is new and innovative, niche revision aids cement learning and the qualified, experience lecturers are passionate about what they do.

There are  many  ways to gain this qualification, the decision on which path to take seems pretty obvious! Contact Onestudy Training for more information.

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