Pain In The Neck?

Neck a bit stiff? Migraines? Joint problems?  It might be less to do with late nights and long days in front of a screen and more to do with a misaligned vertebra in your neck from an old whiplash injury or accident, says Marie-Agnès Casalini from Atlas Profilax®. A body alignment test and Atlas correction treatment could be all that’s needed to get you walking taller and feeling pain-free.

‘I had a fractured skull about 20 years ago when my horse kicked me and this treatment has really helped.  My neck movement’s better and I feel a lot more upright’, Adrian Rivett, director of Matisse (pictured top)

‘I used to suffer from really bad migraines and since my treatment, if I have a headache, I can just take a painkiller and it disappears.  It doesn’t turn into a migraine anymore’, Marika Sartin, receptionist (pictured middle)

An Atlas Profilax® treatment isn’t like going to the chiropractor, there’s no neck cracking or twisting, explains Marie-Agnès (pictured bottom left). ‘I have my best results with people who come to see me after a fall or an injury. Sometimes people are really desperate – a bad whiplash injury can mean you can’t sit or walk for a long period of time.  It’s always wonderful to be able to help them’.   If only all pains in the neck could be as easy to get rid of…

Marie-Agnès Casalini is at Matisse salon in St Aubin every month, for more details tel: 01342 303279 or see her website