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Photography: Holly Smith

The arrival of spring welcomes longer days, warmer temperatures and seasonal changes in many of our island’s industries. To find out what the new season is set to bring, we profiled experts from the farming, fashion and food industries to hear what we have to look forward to in the coming months.


What does the new season bring to our island’s food industry?

I think the transition from winter to spring is quite a big change for the food scene in Jersey. It kicks off the start of the Jersey Royal season, as well as asparagus. It also brings a whole new feel to the food being produced and cooked. Dishes are more light and fresh with flavours, and it’s a sign that summer is on the way.

What can we expect to see on Samphire’s menu this spring?

People can expect to find things like peas, broad beans, asparagus, lamb, Jersey royals, rhubarb, wild garlic and plenty of lettuces and other leaves starting to come through. Scallops, monkfish and plaice are the fish coming into season, which we are lucky to have great fresh sources for in Jersey.

For you, that dish defines the arrival of the new season?

I think spring lamb is a sign for me that the warmer months are coming. You just know that when it’s available, everything you can imagine to compliment lamb like peas, beans and asparagus is also coming into season. These kinds of food start to bring different vibe into the restaurant as well.



What does the arrival of spring bring to Douet Farm?

We love spring! The longer days give us more daylight for our farm jobs and gives the grass a good dose of sunshine, which makes it grow faster. Our goats and sheep have babies in spring too, which is lots of fun! It’s also fascinating watching the hedging we’ve planted over the years come into bud and blossom. You can see it happening day by day – it’s so lovely to see and a reminder that summer isn’t too far away!

How does the change in season affect your animals?

This spring is the first time we’ve had goats on the farm, and they’ve just kidded! We’ve had 80 baby goats born in just 3 weeks, so it’s been very busy, but so much fun! Soon, our sheep will start lambing too and we’ll welcome even more babies to the farm!

How does your workload on the farm differ during the warmer months?

Winter is usually quite quiet on the farm, although this year we’ve been busy building a new shed for our milking parlour and dairy processing rooms. Spring is a busy time of year, keeping an eye on all of the babies being born, and this coming summer will be really fun and busy, as we’ll be launching our goats milk and cheese for sale! Exciting times!



What does the new season bring to the fashion industry?

Fashion gives us our identity and a glimpse of our personality, so the new season always brings excitement with the intent to inspire us. We’re able to rethink what we wear and how to wear it.

What do you think will be a key trend for Spring/Summer 2019?

For women, love it or loathe it, animal prints are still a front runner. We’ll see these accessorized with macrame bags and woven sandals to complete the look. For men, denim is arguably the most classic trend that’s set to stay. Swapping out darker denim in favour of light washes give an instant wardrobe update. Teamed with a tailored jacket, crisp white shirt or a simple tee and he’s set for SS19.

What can we expect to see in Ashworth & Bird over the coming months?

We’ve changed direction quite dramatically this season. We’ve worked with Custom Made Menswear across our business for over 20 years and the growth we’ve experienced in Jersey has given us confidence to give Custom Made its own entity. Our new showroom is set up to inspire, with tailoring sampled in an array of cloths for business, formal and wedding suits. Our experienced team will guide customers through this experience from being measured, choosing fabrics and finalising every detail. All this can be done within an hour and the suit will arrive within 4 weeks Custom Made by us for you!


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