Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

Flight of fancy

After being blitzed with credit-card charges and grumpy check-in staff every time we try to get a weekend away, we here at Gallery secretly fantasize about having our own airline.  Galleryair.  It’s got a ring to it hasn’t it. 
And just like Gallery, everything about it would be super slick and stylish.  Including the on-board refreshments.  So we polled a few of the chefs and foodies we ran into this month to find out what they’d design for Galleryair’s First-Class Menu…

David Cameron Boathouse Group
“A sushi trolley pushed by a sushi chef where you could make your own selection, and then a dessert trolley prepared by Olivier Roellinger from the Maison de Bricourt with a assortment of home-made sorbets and ice-creams scooped from ice carvings.”

Daniel Ward Suma’s
The Gorey-based chef has come up with a seasonal 3-course menu for Galleryair that could be prepared in advance, reheated on board and would feature the best local produce.  He guarantees our flyers would be blown away (or even better, flown away) …
Game Terrine, Cumberland Reduction, Glazed Apples, Toasted Date and Walnut Bread. Jersey Turbot, Herb Crushed Potatoes, Romanesco, Scallops, White Wine Sauce. Dark Chocolate Tart, Parsnip and Honey Ice Cream.

Damon Duffy The Salty Dog
Damon’s come up with a great way of livening up the departure lounge: “I’d serve a great Bloody Mary before takeoff with Zubrowka vodka and lashings of Tabasco and a mini Tapas feast to snack on – bite-sized glazed chorizo, manchego cheese, pata negra & honey, stuffed peppers and rolled anchovies.”

Peter Brewer Randalls
“For a snack, I’d serve a Jersey crab Caesar salad wrap – it’s easy to serve and eat – with a smoothie of fresh local berries. It would showcase our local produce and give incoming visitors a chance to see what they’ve got to look forward to during their holiday.”  

Marcus Calvani La Cantina
“I’d get celebrity chefs from around the world to cook their signature dishes sous-vide and then each dish would be preserved under pressure in vacuum bags and kept refrigerated for up to a month.  Onboard, you’d reheat it in a waterbath at exactly the right temperature, and voila! Perfectly cooked. You could pick up meals from a selection of the finest chefs in the world as you traveled around, creating a constantly changing menu of seasonal, delicious dishes.”

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