Fast food has been consistently popular for decades — it’s tasty, it’s filling, and most of all it’s economical. Let me rephrase that – it used to be economical! From Kobe beef burgers imported from the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan to bagels smothered in foie gras, black truffles and 24-karat gold; here we have some of the most extravagant fast foods known to man!

The world’s most luxurious fast food combo

Where: Luxirare

Pricetag: Fast food Fantasy

Based on the concept of the famous McDonald’s chicken nugget, style and food webzine Luxirare have created what is probably the world’s most luxurious fast food combo – a little like you average takeaway – only much, much fancier.

Replacing the processed meat with aromatic shiso leaf, nori and sea urchin encased in fried tempura batter, this Japanese-inspired culinary experiment is definitely an up-sized version of the clichéd fast-food meal. Instead of the age-old love affair with HP and tomato ketchup, this opulent dish of slightly warm and molten Sea urchin is served alongside three unique dipping sauces – a lime and yuzu garnish, black smoked salt and lime zest. The classic coke has been upgraded to Champagne Rosé and the entire meal is packaged in a designer fast food container.

The world’s most expensive Ice Cream Sundae

Where: Serendipity, New York City

Pricetag: £15,000

Featuring Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, salt-free dessert caviar and edible leaves of 23 karat gold, the intentionally misspelled ‘Frrozen Haute Chocolate’ Sundae set’s the Guinness World Record for the most élite dessert to date. Topped with a chocolate-infused garnish designed exclusively by Amedei Porceleana, 28 cocoas and an 18-karat gold bracelet with white diamonds – it’s anything but your average Sundae! Those thinking about placing an order will even have to make an advanced reservation. Served with a side of Knipschildt Chocolatier’s La Madeline au Truffle – priced at £1,700 a pound and a diamond-encrusted golden spoon that the customer gets to keep.

The FleurBurger

Where: Fleur de Lys, Mandalay Bay Casino

Pricetag: £3,000

From the wine-braised short ribs burger created by celebrity chef Daniel Boulud to Burger King’s very own Japanese beef burger, sold at the West London branch for a massive £120, there have been multiple attempts to recreate the world’s most expensive burger. Of course, all of these hamburgers are a steal in comparison to the FleurBurger. Designed by chef Hubert Keller, this fast food masterpiece is made using only the finest Kobe beef, topped with black truffles and foie gras on a brioche truffle bun. It comes with a bottle of Chateau Pétrus 1990, imported from Italy, served in Ichendorf Brunello champagne flutes that the customer gets to keep.

Not you average bagel

Where: The Westin, New York

Pricetag: £600

Available 24/7, the humble bagel has to be one of New York City’s most prevalent fast foods. Created by Frank Tujague, Executive Chef at the Westin in Times Square, this deviation on the original model is topped white truffle cream cheese, goji berry jelly, and gold leaves. Despite being the world’s most expensive bagel, all proceeds from its sale are donated to the Les Amis d’Escoffier Scholarship; a charity helping underprivileged culinary students to excel in their careers.

The most expensive sushi you’ll ever buy

Where: Angelito Aranceta, Japan

Pricetag: £1,313.88

Created by the culinary connoisseur Angelito Araneta – a master of unusual and extravagant food artworks, some of which have been used as gifts in marriage proposals, the Filipino chef has fashioned five pieces of the most expensive nigiri sushi to date, each of which are garnished with extraordinary toppings, including diamonds and a 24-karat gold leaf.

Macaroni Cheese worth waiting for

Where: Melisse, Santa Monica

Pricetag: £60

This uber popular French restaurant specialises in seasonal delicacies, such as white truffle macaroni cheese. Available from October through to December only, this opulent dish has taken fast food to new heights. In the time the restaurant’s been open for business, it’s won two Michelin Star’s, so it must be good!

The Velvet Goldmine

Where: The Powder Room, Hollywood

Pricetag: £300

The most expensive milkshake to date has been dreamed up by the Powder Room in Hollywood.  At £300 a pop, it boasts a concoction of Belgian chocolate, edible gold leaf and more than a touch of liquor. The cherry on the top? A £120 Swarovski ring

Tieguanyin Tea

Where: China

Pricetag: £2,000

Tieguanyin Tea is a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea, closely related to green tea. The pricetag is unfortunately on another level and one kilo of it will cost you as much as £2,000!

Despite its hefty fee, it promises a bigger kick than coffee!

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