Don’t take your wife to Gatwick.

At least that’s what Keith Syvret tells us. Keith won one of those cars that sits at Gatwick airport.. the one that make it seem like a good idea to part with £50. Well, contrary to what you convince yourself of as you sail past to browse cameras in Dixons, people do actually win. It all happened as he was travelling without his wife. Word to the wise….

Keith , who runs La Moye Garage, in St Brelade, was stunned when BOTB Commercial Director Rupert Garton walked in with the keys to a sleek new £85,000 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, saying “I bought a motor along and thought you might look under the hood”, before revealing a further £10,000 cash hidden in the boot. Walking outside to the familiar sight of the garage he was run for more than 20 years, Keith said the impressive car looked out of place and joked about how he wished he was wearing something more suitable for a car that befits James Bond.


Keith, who won the car after playing with BOTB at their stand in Gatwick Airport, said it had been a culmination of events which had led to him winning the car and joked that his tip to winning big was to leave the wife at home.

“My daughter is an aspiring jewellery designer and she had her first exhibition in the OXO tower which I really wanted to go to but it’s difficult leaving the garage as we don’t have a lot of staff, said Keith.

“But it ended up being a culmination of everyone being so nice – my sister decided she wanted to go to the exhibition, then a customer offered to cover me at the garage, then the girl on the Gatwick stand was just lovely and of course if my daughter hadn’t had her exhibition then we would never have been there!

“My sister was in another shop adjacent to the BOTB stand so I was just loitering really. If I’d have been there with my wife, I would have never gone near it! That’s my tip to anyone wanting to do the same, don’t take your wife!”

The 59-year-old father-of-two said he was ecstatic and humbled by his big win and by the whole experience.

“The whole team at BOTB have been incredible and so helpful and friendly from start to finish, and the comments I have had from people I don’t even know have been lovely, it’s so humbling,” he said.

“I am ecstatic and so grateful. It was an overwhelming day but such a great experience. I fancy myself as a racing driver as every man does and you enter the competition because you want to win it and get the pleasure from it, but to actually own one is another thing. The Aston Martin is surely everyone’s dream car.”

Rupert said the sun was shining on Keith when he won the car and his stars had obviously been in line in the run up to him playing with BOTB at Gatwick Airport. Best of the Best was founded by William Hindmarch in 1999. Since then the keys to more than £15m-worth of supercars have been handed over. William grew up in a house where cars ruled the roost. Indeed legend has it that his father splashed out on a car ahead of a staircase in their first house. Best of the Best can be found inside all of Britain’s major airports, with other venues in well-known shopping centres including Westfield.


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