Deskovery... Accountable

Deskovery… Accountable

Regardless of where you start your start-up – be it from a garage, a bedroom or your living room –when the time comes to expand, finding the perfect office space to support, grow and develop your business is a must. Honeycomb – the creation of Spencer Bourne – is a fantastic office alternative, offering premises perfectly in tune with the needs and aspirations of various entrepreneurs across the island.

Who are Accountable?

From book keeping to monthly accounts, to GST returns and virtual FD services, Accountable guarantee to lessen the loads of today’s business administration burdens – it’s here you’ll find an affordable solution boasting fast, accurate and effective business results.

Where did it all start? 

Educated in Australia, Managing Director Sol began his career as an auditor for Ernst & Young in Brisbane, where he focused primarily on the retail, construction and tourism sectors. Having been in Jersey for 12 years now, Sol has turned his attention to commercial accounting, working with local E-tailers, the mining trade and more recently, the finance industry.

Sol has always been enthusiastic when it comes to assisting young businesses in growth strategies. Discovering there was a market to provide advice to local tradesman, he decided to embark on a new journey, which is when Accountable was born.

Have you had to overcome any challenges to get where you are today? 

‘The biggest challenge in my job is dealing with cash flow. I’ve always aspired to have my own office.  Before I could take the leap and make this happen, I needed to make my business a success. The hard work has definitely paid off!’

What do you enjoy most about your line of work?

‘Meeting and interacting with new people, as well as learning the ins and outs of diverse industries – especially the mining industry, which a number of my clients are heavily involved in.’

A day in the life of Sol Thacker

For Sol, no day is ever the same; he rises at 6.15am, takes the dog to the beach for an hour, before arriving at the office at around 7.30am. His first task of the day involves checking and replying to emails, he then spends a couple of hours with clients before hitting the gym at 12.30 (he’s a keen spinner). His afternoon is filled with more client meetings, which last until around 6pm, although his work doesn’t stop there – Sol is constantly brainstorming – for both Accountable and his other business endeavour ‘SDS Rejuvenate’.

What are you most proud of?

‘I’ve found a niche in the market, which I greatly enjoy. It’s a huge pleasure to see so many satisfied customers, which makes coming to work a joy!’ .

What does your desk say about you?

‘My desk says I travel a lot! I don’t spend too much time here as I’m often visiting clients. It’s extremely organised – an asset in my line of work and everything’s electronic and stored in the Cloud. I use Xero Accounting Software, which allows me to maintain the books of my client’s from anywhere in the world.’

Why 4 Wharf Street?

Regardless of whether you’re an established business or a completely new venture, having a user-friendly hub will allow you to brainstorm, meet with clients and bring ideas to life. Wharf Street allows me to do exactly this. With a range of contemporary office suites in the heart of St Helier – complete with no extra costs, plenty of space and a variety of state-of-the-art amenities – they’re ideal premises for emergent businesses just like Accountable.

I chose Wharf Street because of it’s central location and because it’s close to my client base. From landscape gardeners to restaurateurs and café owners – not all of my clients have their own offices – which is why it’s important I’m able to provide them with one. Additionally, the premises are walking distance from an abundance of coffee shops – a great meeting point for new clients when it comes to breaking the ice.

 Is it important to have an office positioned in the centre of town?

Having an office space that is centrally located is an asset to both a company and its clients’. Wharf Street’s adaptable opening hours allow clients to visit Sol at a time that is convenient to them and vice versa.

‘Visiting client’s allows me to get a feel for the business and how it’s operating.’

Renting one of Honeycomb’s modern office suites includes the advantage of a flexible contract ­– tenants are able to upgrade to a larger suites without breaking their lease. Included in the contract is full use of a kitchen, free online access, individual mailboxes and no hidden service charges – a benefit to businesses wishing to work in the heart of St Helier.

The services you offer? 

I offer an extremely flexible, hands-on service with a fixed, pay-monthly fee, which leaves no room for hidden surprises. Clients can call me at any time of the day; I even had one client contact me in the middle of night! She’d won in excess of $1000 in Las Vegas and wanted to discuss a tax query – now that’s service for you!

Business related or not, Sol is on hand to help with any of his client’s transaction queries. Instead of meeting once a year, Sol interacts with his clients as and when required – whether it’ to inform them of much-needed changes or notable improvements.

Is it difficult to juggle work and life commitments?

‘If you love what you do, it becomes your life.’

As far as Sol is concerned, it’s not work if you enjoy it and he gets great satisfaction helping others to solve any accounting glitches they may have.

Sol Thacker:

07797 832899

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