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Which is your favourite event of the summer and why?
The longest day of the year is my favourite, mostly because of the sunlight and the first true summer barbeque. It?s the first night of many glorious ones to come.

Do you prefer Pimms or Malibu?
I?ve enjoyed Malibu and milk- my friends and I used to call it underwear dissolver. Pimms is delicious but too often I feel like I?m getting salad with it. Pimms is more of a full meal.

Are you a camper or a glamper (glamorous camper)?
I?m a camper. If you?d seen me and the gang when we performed at Glastonbury you?d have said the same.

Do you have a favourite flower and if so, what is it?
Always been partial to the Star Gazer Lily.

How does your garden grow?
The long term plants struggle but persevere and the annuals- what can I say? – they?re little stars.

Do you have green fingers or butter fingers?
Green. I?ve inherited them from my mother. Two generations back, we were all asparagus farmers.

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