FeaturesCarey can kick it.

Carey can kick it.

Carey Olsen has announced that it will continue its sponsorship of Brazilian Soccer Schools Jersey in 2020 – marking a five year association with the soccer school on the island.

BSS Jersey was founded in 2004 by independent football consultant and International Confederation of Futebol de Salão head coach Will Partington. It delivers 46 classes across Jersey each week for children between the ages of four and 17 as well as seven sessions a week in schools during curriculum time.

Carey Olsen’s sponsorship helps primarily to support the delivery of the BSS/Carey Olsen Development Squads for children in Years 5 and 6 (Primary School), and Years 7 and 8 (Secondary School). These free sessions run 46 weeks of the year and are tailored towards the strongest and most dedicated individuals of the BSS Jersey set-up.

“We are very grateful to Carey Olsen for its support of Brazilian Soccer Schools Jersey. By sponsoring our development squads we are able to provide our most dedicated players with further opportunities to work together at an engaging weekly session,” said Will Partington.

“I’d like to think the firm’s sponsorship also demonstrates a great deal of confidence in the school itself and our ongoing growth and development. It’s easy to forget that when we opened our doors in 2004 we had just three children in our first class.”

Since Carey Olsen began its sponsorship of BSS Jersey in 2015 just some of the school’s highlights include taking a squad to Nottingham to play against Nottingham Forest Academy and beating them at their home ground, having a player invited to train with Fluminense in Brazil, twice welcoming ex-BSS Jersey graduate and current full time professional at Fulham, Marlon Fossey, to local sessions to help inspire the next generation, and scores of boys and girls from the school’s squads representing Jersey at island level.

Carey Olsen partner Robin Smith said: “We are delighted to be offering our continued support to Brazilian Soccer Schools Jersey. Will and his team have established a fantastic coaching programme that has become immensely popular with junior football players in the island.”

The philosophy of the Brazilian Soccer Schools programme sees an initial focus placed on the individual, with players looking to master their own use of the ball prior to excelling at game play. For example, work with the smaller and heavily weighted Futebol de Salão ball is predominantly used in the early years to aid development of individual technique, helping to create a player with a faster and more complete playing style.


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