12 Weeks to Align your Health

12 Weeks to Align your Health

Being told your body shape is changing and you look taller is, for me, one of the nicest compliments I think I’ve received in a long time!  It was totally unsolicited too, I promise.  

Well, it’s all thanks to the incredible 12 Weeks To Align Your Health (#12wtayh) programme, which I embarked on at the start of January. The programme takes a physical, chemical and emotional, 360 view of your health to start you on the path to a healthier version of yourself over 12 weeks and so far it’s absolutely awesome!  I’m going to talk you through the last six weeks but I already know I’m going to struggle to explain just how amazing the whole experience has been, but i’ll try.

Now this isn’t your typical transformation programme, it’s about so much more than weight loss although of course that seems to be a great added bonus.  You set your own specific goals and the course is tailored to you.  It can cater for anyone who is looking to realign their health, whether you are looking for a kick-start on to the right path, you are looking to develop long lasting good habits and make a positive change, or you feel your health and fitness may have plateaued.   

For me this was an incredible chance to focus entirely on myself and being no stranger to injury, after years of playing a physically demanding sport, I was looking forward to having the chance to work on the countless niggles I have acquired.  The beauty of the whole programme is that each one of those involved in your care is under the same roof, so they all have access to your notes and they all talk to each other.  This means that if you’re having a problem in the gym, then you can be sure that your chiropractor and sports masseur will know about it and be able to work on it straight away so that it doesn’t hold you back.

There are five of us on the programme, we first met in December to book in our appointments for the full 12 weeks so that there were no chances we’d miss out on any of our sessions. We also had full bloods taken which included a homocysteine testing (the first time this has been offered on the island and provides an earlier indicator of potential heart issues later in life and allows you the chance to correct things that may be influencing them), functional movement screening, blood pressure, BMI, body measurements and posture pro – spinal alignment check.  All of these tests provide you with an overall wellness score, which is your benchmark with the aim being to improve that by the end of the programme.

Each week I see Marie-Christine Dix for a Chiropractic session, having never experienced it before all I can say is wow! It’s remarkable how much better I’m already feeling, I’m far more aware of my postural alignment and so many of my niggles are already subsiding, I can’t wait to see if I’m genuinely taller at the end of my 12 weeks.

I see personal trainer Nick Dingle for two 30 minute sessions, one focussing on strength and the other on mobility.  I’ve had PTs in the past but not one like Nick, his focus is on form and technique as much as it is about building strength.  He’s helping me to build great habits for the future and I’m already achieving results in the gym like never before.  He also posts two home workouts, a HIIT and stretching one, on our closed Facebook group too.

Ciara Ahern is the lady who gives me a weekly sports massage and man alive, I now know that my response to pain is hysterical laughter, but she’s made a huge difference to many long-standing issues that have impacted my training in the past.  This isn’t the kind of massage many people will be used to but it is truly magical, if sometimes rather painful it’s definitely worth it.

The programme also involves cognitive therapy sessions and nutritional guidance, it really is the whole package.  Once I have completed my 12 weeks I shall write again and let you know how much I’ve improved on my wellness score, I’m excited to find out!

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