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De Gruchy Mens Fashion launches

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Since the purchase of De Gruchy by Ulster Stores in November 2006, we?ve seen an array of changes as the store has undergone a huge transformation into the modern departments we see today. The refurbishment of the Arcade was completed in August 2007; something clearly their customers have welcomed and most recently the Footwear department and Luggage have had a makeover. This all comes as part of a master plan that is set to guide the store over the next 5 years.
The Menswear Department has been a long time favourite for locals and visitors looking for quality brands, good advice and great after sales service. But as time has passed, its fair to say the department was in need of an overhaul to keep up with competition and fit in with the overall plans for the store as a whole.
Last month saw the latest successful few months of hard work with the opening of the new menswear department ?Pieretoni? at De Gruchy. With a huge refurbishment, this is set to become the largest concessionaire in the store. In excess of  £1 million, the Pieretoni expansion has been fronted by the Collections Group and its partner Nick Herman resulting in ten percent of de Gruchy, the largest retail outlet in the Channel Islands, dedicated solely to menswear under the Pieretoni banner.
The department is now 80% bigger than before, with a look and feel that both old and new customers should be comfortable with. Commenting on the changes, Richard Clews, Managing Director of Collections Group, said: ?This significant investment is designed to bring a fresher, more modern look to menswear in the store and to make it easier for shoppers to navigate, but will importantly remain sympathetic to the store?s integrity. With over 18 years? experience in menswear at De Gruchy, Nick is ideally placed to manage the expansion?.

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As well as adding some great new brands such as Hugo Boss and Polo Ralph Lauren, they have kept some of the customer favourte brands such as Gant, Paul & Shark, Ted Baker, as well as formal suits, classic and casual wear. Whilst the store aims to gain new customers with these brands  their existing customers have not been forgotten.
With a clean and modern layout the department has a much brighter and professional feel to it. This perhaps reflects the high-end brands and quality service they are continuing to provide. With the removal of Sweet William flower shop, the area they once occupied has now been dedicated to designer Ralph Lauren. With a look and feel of it?s own, this section takes on a much more classic, American and somewhat nautical design; something also reflected in the style of clothing from Ralph Lauren.
As for the future De Gruchy have just completed an extensive survey of their customer base as further re-fit plans are in the pipeline for the first floor fashion area ? a crucial part of the store and one which De Gruchy feel they must ?get right?. Along with all of this, they are also working on plans to expand the store into New Street, giving more space to Homewares. So it looks like there are plenty more exciting changes to come!

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