Elise Kleis and Jodie Bull were back on-island from their careers pursuing fashion in the UK. They decided to work together on a shoot while there were at home, so we’ve featured it and caught up with the girls to see how they’re doing…

Elise Kleis

Freelance Fashion Photographer

You left Jersey to pursue fashion in the UK, what are you up to?

I always knew I would have to fly the nest to pursue fashion photography. Although it has had its challenges, it has been full of amazing opportunities. After officially leaving Jersey in 2021, I secured a job working at global fashion brand Superdry, working in the photography team. I spent time shooting e-commerce, campaigns, lookbooks, castings, and catwalks. Since going freelance in June I have worked commercially as well as shot numerous editorials and something that will make ‘mini me’ proud, London Fashion Week.

What does your day to day look like?

If I’m on set… typically chatting to the models and making sure everyone on the team feels comfortable, happy, and ready to shoot. I liaise with styling, hair, and make-up on the day and set up lighting while models are in hair and makeup. I show the model some references to the vibe I am going for or moodboards, and then shoot, shoot shoot! If I’m not on set, it’s admin. Go through emails, chat with clients about what they are looking for, speak to production, and go through call sheets. I also research new techniques or styles I want to shoot and create moodboards based on my research. And, of course, pack and charge all the equipment I need for shoots.

How has your style changed since you left the island

My style has always been very ‘interchangeable’, but since leaving, I have been exposed to many different styles. I have started wearing predominantly second-hand, boutique, or vintage to help the environment and line the pockets of people rather than big corporations. I like styling my outfits to have my own vibe rather than following specific trends. My photography style has grown and changed from a 90s, y2k style into a more stripped-back, high-fashion editorial style, but with playful hints and lots of colour.

Tell us about the shoot project you’ve sent us this month

Our fashion editorial we called Glome. We only realised on the shoot day that our names were different. Jodie thought it was ‘Gloam’ which means ‘twilight or the darker part of twilight’ and I thought it was ‘Glome’, meaning ‘to look gloomy, morse or sullen’ – which turned out to be exactly the weather on the day. The plan was to have pink pastel skies to match the clothes and the pink teddy bear. I wanted the shoot to represent late summer evenings, the carefree playfulness of playing by the sea, watching the sunset, and capture the warmth and fun lovingness of late summer evenings at the beach. Mother nature had other ideas and gave us mega wind, rain and a frosty look, which I think ended up working really well in the end.

How would you define Jersey’s ‘look’

I think Jersey’s surf and skate scene has an influence on fashion trends, for sure. Everyone is an individual, which is cool. I think the lack of high-street stores means people can shop secondhand or online, which makes everyone more individual.

What’s your look this season… 

My inspo is football vibes, I’ve always been inspired by sport in a lot of my looks and incorporate that in some way. 

Jodie Bull

Studying at London College of Fashion

You left Jersey to pursue fashion in the UK, what are you up to?

I am still studying at the London College of Fashion, focusing on womenswear technology, which is essentially ‘design and construction of garments’-lead. I am in my final year and in the process of researching my final collection, which I want to be a mixture of clean RTW (ready to wear) but outer and functional garments. To get to my dream of working with outerwear companies like Arcteryx, ROA, or Patagonia, I still need to engage in as many internships as possible during my studies to gain experience. I have worked with Shrimps and Matty Bovan so far.

What does your day to day look like?

When I am in timetabled weeks at university, my day starts early with coffee and exercise, usually running. Then I’ll lug all my heavy fabrics and pattern-cutting/uni essentials to the campus and spend a full day there, sometimes until 8 or 9 p.m.It’s quite intense being a fashion student. There’s written work, design work, drawing, and all the practical stuff like pattern-cutting and sewing, which I am still quite slow at. I therefore need to spend as much time at the university and behind the sewing machine as possible.

How has your style changed since you left the island

I would say my style has gone on a journey for a long time, trying and experimenting with different looks, especially since moving to London. I ultimately have landed back to where I feel most comfortable and myself: classic silhouettes, simple to natural colours, timeless archetypes like denim Levi 501s, jackets, simple -shirts,  and vests – making bags, shoes, or jewellery more of the focus.

Tell us about the shoot project you’ve sent us

We wanted the shoot to be summery and casual, more of a laid-back Jersey look with a little twist.

How would you define Jersey’s ‘look’ 

In my eyes, looking overall across all ages and genders, Jersey’s look is casual, slower, and a bit mismatched. And I love that.

What’s your look this season… 

Hmm, this season I will be wearing a lot of shabby/washed denim, block colours (still quite neutral), skinny belts, long coats, and throwing in some hiking/trail shoes.

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