EditoWhat’s your gift?

What’s your gift?

It’s always hard to know whether or not to focus my introduction to our winter edition of Gallery on the upcoming mince pie infused gift-giving phenomena, as some readers might be picking this edition up in the for the first time in the fantastically futuristic-sounding 2020. If it’s January, I hope you had a stellar baby Jesus time, filled with joy, meriment and chocolate coins.

If you’re reading this hot off the press in early December, woo-hoo! You get to leave this edition open on the pages of our Gorgeous Gift Guide that feature items you’d like wrapped up and left with your name on them for the 25th. Or earlier. Why not today? Gift giving is the traditional activity of the season, hence our ‘gifted’ theme, but why noxt go for extra credit? Surprise gifts are like Christmas presents, but you can give them anytime. Imagine the look of joy as you buy a friend, relative or loved one a gift on December the 5th. Then the 10th. Then the 25th. Then the 31st. I mean, why not?

In addition to a brilliant selection of gift ideas this month, we also met a new generation of gifted individuals. From the future movers and shakers of our Gradu8 careers guide to the Head Boys and Head Girls of some of our local schools, shot for this month’s Gallery profile shoot. Imogen quizzed them on their secret sauce; extracurricular expertise that they have tucked away alongside their scholastic skills. Whether boxing, archery or musical skills, these leaders of the future with be working and playing hard to keep themselves ahead of the game. Every future CEO should be able to kill a rabbit with a crossbow, in my opinion.

No bow skills? How about dancing? Our ‘On Point’ fashion shoot combines the ballet skills of three local ballerinas and the photographic prowess of Dasa Wharton, who specialises in ballet photography and travels across the world to capture amazing images. Whether it’s in sport, creativity, academia or empathy, if you have a gift – use it.


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