EditoTwo Metres is a Long Way

Two Metres is a Long Way

WTAF. When I sat down to write this section just four short weeks ago, the world was a very different place. Words and actions that were completely alien have become commonplace; Pandemic, Covid, Self-isolation, Social distancing, Flattening the Curve, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as you what your hands. This magazine was released on April 1st, but sadly this is far from a joke.

Watching friends and family pack up their businesses and anticipate the next two or three months of lockdown feels like living through a Hollywood disaster movie; but without Will Smith or someone similar to the save the day, providing toilet roll and making rent payments for us. As the world adjusts to deal with the cabin fever of home-schooling, limited access to services and nowhere to go for dinner, there will be a lot of time for us to think.

It’s been encouraging to witness the ability of islanders to adapt and be optimistic, pivoting their work-life and combining their skills to help others and keep the island moving while we (begin to) get locked down. Delivery services are the new gold, restaurants are becoming takeaways and we’re isolating and doing what we can to entertain ourselves. Board games are getting dusted off, Instagram is getting hammered even more than usual and it feels like society is taking a long hard look at itself, considering new hobbies, taking more time with family and working out what really matters.

Sadly, with everyone pretty much inside for the next few months, this will be our last Gallery (for now). It took someone (allegedly) eating bats in China to shut us down. I just didn’t anticipate that, at all.  It’s not simply an economic decision. With everyone holed up, there are no events or nightlife to document and getting people into the studio for shoots and features isn’t really on the essential travel list. If we can’t get within two metres of each other, it doesn’t really work. Gallery is a gallery of you lot, simple as that. When you come out again, we’ll come back out too; see you soon. Peace and fucking Jersey, it’s all gone totally Mexico*


*look up ‘Nathan Barley’ during one of your YouTube rabbit-holes over the next few months. 

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Ben arrived in Jersey in 2003 and established our Gallery magazine title, determined to offer a better quality independent media offering. Holding a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication and Masters Degree in Marketing, he builds media brands with the emphasis on brand. Ben loves mountains and is fond of penguins (the bird, not the bar).

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