EditoEdito: The Tough Edition

Edito: The Tough Edition

Most of us spend a great deal of our working life sitting as I am now, planted behind a screen, fingertips poised, rationalising our productivity and working life in contrast to those that get less ocular discomfort. If the burn started at 9am and finished at 5.30pm, that would be OK but since we all started spending our free time on a screen too, it can get quite intense. The average person now spends 3 hours and 35 minutes on a mobile device each day. It can be tough on the eyes.

If you’re self employed or an entrepreneur then chances are you’re at a screen more than most. It’s mentally draining but something drives you to do it. I justify it myself that if I were a ‘gamer’ if would be worse. I guess kids Are willing to stare at the screen to live the life of someone in Call of Duty without breaking a sweat. Back in the real world, any office based role can result in the need to find other avenues to offer the physical toughness that your sedentary daytime means you lack. Grant takes a wry look at this new league white collar extremists on page 20.

As draining as screen time can be, there are other professions that take a toll that screens can’t touch. This month we see that from two different perspectives, meeting a local scaffolder and an undertaker, and learn how challenges can be mental as well as physical in the way they tackle their perceptibly tough job roles. We also meet a couple of tough locals of a different nature on our sports pages; two sisters that represent the island at Brazilian Ju-Jitzu. Tough indeed, especially considering the elder of the two is seven years old! After four consecutive opponents pulled out of previous bouts, our contributor Laura Morel also got her day in the ring last month as she won her first amateur boxing match. Read all about it on page 115.

If you’ve procreated you’ll undoubtedly be going through, or have gone through, some sleepless nights. Growing teeth is tough on them, but the subsequent gut-wrenching night time screams is also tough on parents, amiright? With an 18 month old that’s still keen on some form of socialising during the wee small hours, it was amazing this month to get a night off and enjoy an overnight stay at The Atlantic Hotel (pg44). A staycation is something a lot of people simply don’t consider but taking yourself out of the everyday, if only a few miles away from home, is something we should all take the time to do. A St Ouen sunset, a relaxing evening, fantastic meal, drink in the bar, deep sleep and breakfast in bed. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present, I bet you don’t regret it.


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