Editoedito: The Pamper Edition

edito: The Pamper Edition

Endless summer.

With the bank holiday weekend falling over our usual print slot last month, we had to wait a few days extra to finish this edition. That did mean, however, that between proofing and finishing up we were able to soak up the sun and pamper ourselves (edition title reference – check) with the hottest August Bank Holiday on record.

What a scorcher it was. The UK temperature got to 33.3C at Heathrow, where the Met Office officially measures such things. Thank God for being at a Jersey beach and not on Heathrow tarmac. Someone told me that the weekend seemed like ‘the way Jersey used to be’. I guess hotter, which sort of goes against the record, but hey.

For many years I never left Jersey in the summer. It’s only since having kids and the potential to go stir-crazy with family cabin-fever that the classic ‘summer holiday’ has been part of my life. This year we took our van down to Croatia and besides being robbed by some Italians and learning that, despite their reputation for speed, Autobahns can be the slowest motorways in the world, it was an amazing trip.

Since getting back it’s been hard to settle into four-walled normality. The trappings of vanlife are pretty basic and being in a house again just seems like a bit much. Whilst compiling content associated with pampering, it reminded me that sometimes a simple beer in a folding chair outside a van can be the best luxury of all. That’s why we’re escaping our house to go camping in Rozel this evening. One more week until Autumn.

As the summer event series rolls to a close, it’s been the best Jersey has had for some time. In addition to the weather there has been WonkyTown, Reasons, Electric Park and we have Weekender set to be the summer’s closing party next weekend. I hope you all made the most of your summer. If not, use this month as ‘summer’ too, the Indians would approve.


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