Edito; The Organic Edition

Ben arrived in Jersey in 2003 and established our Gallery magazine title, determined to offer a better quality independent media offering. Holding a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication and Masters Degree in Marketing, he builds media brands with the emphasis on brand. Ben loves mountains and is fond of penguins (the bird, not the bar).

Cover Credits ; Model: Filipa. Photography: Danny Evans. Swimsuit by Lise Charmel from Plums

It should be easy; we’re 100,000 people. Any change proposed for the common good should really be simple to implement, whether prompted under the weight of social conscience or thanks to a progressive politician with some balls and autonomy. We’re a tiny island that could find itself capable of making relatively big change, a change for those those dwell here and as an example to those that don’t.

With our theme being ‘organic’, our contributors have applied it widely to directives for a positive, non-processed, healthier future. Whether it’s the importance of ridding our world of more significant things than plastic straws (pg. 14), identifying gadgets to enable self sufficient eating (pg. 104) or simply changing attitudes to how we interact with our environment,  ‘rewilding’ ourselves to reconnect with nature (pg. 110). Initiatives like these often get strong public support and whilst we make light of the plastic straw campaign as a signifier of a far greater problem, combatting issues of development and becoming a self sufficient island are admirable goals. At the moment, if Condor suddenly disappeared we’d be in pretty dire straights. You’ve seen the bunfight at the supermarkets when there are a couple of days of rough seas.

Living in our geographically finite island home makes attempting to action initiatives we see proposed in heart wrenching videos on our social media feeds all the more relevant. It’s a lot to take in and whilst you may feel good putting out your red and blue bags every month, are we doing all we can to keep Jersey sustainable? Could we be the first coffee cup free place in the world? Yes. Could we match Sikkim in India, where they’ve gone completely organic? (see misc, pg 12). Maybe not, but you never know.

In true Gallery style, we take a satirical look at the arguments put forward on page 10. Are you a Rupert or a Toby? Do you take a hard line or do you let it wash over you. If you’re the former, good. Sense and logic have to prevail, right? If you’re the latter…well, it’s the kids’ problem. Just avoid any of this nonsense at home and make yourself feel better with some token gesture eco tourism. We’ve got some ideas for you on page 28. We ARE a tourist destination ourselves though and thus any positive moves to pursue clean organic farming, sustainability and an ecologically sound global image can’t hurt.  Jersey; an organic island, entirely powered by the sun and tide. It sounds far fetched but it’s always worth chasing a dream.


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