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Kingsy; Reign on Me

Here’s a face a few of you might recognise! Give it up for Kieran Brown, aka Kingsy. This gorgeous human has been performing since he was knee-high and has featured in lots of theatre productions and some of the pantos over here in Jersey. Most recently though, Kingsy has been honing his craft and basically slaying his way into the electro-pop genre, gracing the stage in Brighton to support none other than London Grammar. Uh-huh, take a bow, Kingsy… You’re shining bright right now…

We chatted to Kingsy to find out a bit more about his musical adventures – he’s a unique singer/songwriter with aspirations and dreams and the mindset to get it all.

Is there a genre/focal point of your music? Where did it all begin?

My style is a mix of Trap/pop/EDM my first instrument was Tenor Sax but I joined a youth choir at 8 years old and I fell in love with singing. I bought myself a guitar and picked up piano and before I knew it, I was writing my own music and kind of just grew from that point.

Where does inspiration come from?

Blackbear and Fabian Mazur are a massive influence in the darker tonality of my music, I also really vibe with Lizzo because I love the way she writes and her honesty with life experiences. I tend to write from my own life experiences but I also draw inspiration from other peoples’ experiences and stories they tell me about their lives.

If you had to describe your music with five words (not a sentence) what would they be?

Savage, truthful, fun, boppin, wholesome.

Do you write music and lyrics? If so, which comes first?

It’s different every time, most of the time I’ll start by scoring out the instrumental and then top line a vocal over that but sometimes I start with a lyric or a vocal melody and take it from there.

You just smashed it with London Grammar – what did you say to yourself as you went on stage??

You’re wearing 8 inch platform heels, Don’t trip.

What’s next??

I’m releasing some new music in January; it’s a new promotion team and I will also be releasing an EP accompanied by some insane visuals with my good friend Shea around March… And I’ve got a few secrets up my sleeve – watch this space.

What are your thoughts on the Jersey scene?

It’s definitely growing and expanding in terms of music. I think for a long time there really wasn’t much going on but in the last few years things like songwriters society and social media have allowed budding musicians to start building on their skills and sharing their talents as well as connecting with each other.

If you could perform anywhere in Jersey, to anyone in the world – where and who? (A bit like who would you have round a dinner table – you can pick two people) xx

I would choose Gouray Lodge to perform, because it’s an insane location and one hundred percent Lizzo at my gig because she is pure life and MNEK, because his tunes just rock my world and I feel like he would give me some very valid constructive criticism.

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