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ArtHouse Jersey is working in collaboration with Jersey-born opera singer Georgia Mae Bishop to explore new ways of approaching the artform of opera that is all about the voice, music, storytelling, and those who take part. Working with people in Jersey aged between 18 and 25, this project offers an opportunity to connect creatively and directly contribute to what is performed on-stage.

ArtHouse Jersey extends an open invitation to people in that age group to take part in an initial workshop on Saturday 13 July 2024 from 1.45pm to 5.30pm at ArtHouse Jersey at Greve de Lecq Barracks, with subsequent opportunities to be announced later in the year.

The project does not take a traditional approach to opera; it’s about rediscovering it as an art form that belongs to everyone. Participants will be invited to explore opera’s silly, fun, and deeply moving ways it can bring stories to life. No prior experience is required. People are asked to just bring enthusiasm, creativity, and their voice.

What can participants expect?

The workshop will run at a gentle pace for everyone to contribute in whatever way they feel comfortable. There will be a light vocal and physical warm-up followed by voice exercises and they’ll have the opportunity to learn to sing intuitively without sheet music. There will then be a practical introduction to interpreting, writing, and performing graphic scores using visual symbols, rather than traditional musical notation followed by experimentation and collaboration to bring stories to life through improvisation. 

Why join? 

Potential benefits for taking part in these workshops include boosting mood and reducing stress through the power of group singing and gaining new skills in music, drama, and storytelling. The idea is to have fun, meet awesome people to experiment with and explore the possibility of redefining what opera can be.

The workshop is free of charge and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. ArtHouse Jersey will provide snacks and light refreshments through the afternoon, and can offer a £5 voucher towards travel costs. Liberty Bus number 9 departs from the Bus Station at 12:55, arriving at Greve de Lecq at 13:25. The return bus departs from Greve de Lecq at 17:40, arriving at the Bus Station at 18:15. 

ArtHouse Jersey Producer, Robyn Cabaret, said, “We are delighted to be working with Georgia Mae Bishop over the next 18 months to bring this innovative project to life. We hope to both celebrate and preserve the yet to be told stories and culture of our Island’s young adult population, making this project joyful, inclusive, and relevant. Our emphasis is on co-creation where those involved will have a unique opportunity to work with a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to holding space for ideas to be heard and in turn realise them for the stage. Even if you haven’t any experience or aren’t sure whether the performing arts are for you, I urge you to come with an open mind and give it a go as you may be surprised!”

Those who would like to be the first to take part can contact ArtHouse Jersey Producer, Robyn Cabaret by email at

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