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The Jersey Evening Post has been a Genuine Jersey member for the past seven years.

After spending years helping to promote the worthy scheme via the news pages,
it was felt the JEP should explore the option of becoming a member itself as, apart from the paper and ink, the product is produced in St Saviour. The newspaper was delighted to be accepted into the exclusive group of local manufacturers and producers and strives to continue its commitment to Jersey and the very worthy Genuine Jersey scheme.

Deputy editor Carl Walker said: ‘This year we are celebrating our 125th anniversary and ever since our very first newspaper on 30 June 1890, we have been at the heart of Island life. It therefore seems a natural fit for us to be part of the wonderful Genuine Jersey programme, which recognises

and promotes local produce in an ever- expanding commercial world. ‘And there are few products which are more Jersey than the JEP itself. ‘In terms of the newspaper, although the raw paper and ink are imported, everything else is done from our Five Oaks headquarters. From the stories being written, the adverts being made or the pages being printed, our product is as local as it possibly could be, and that is exactly how we want it to be.

Allan McCaffrey, Happy Hens, Grouville
Happy Hens produce free range eggs in Grouville we have 8.000 Lehmann Brown Hybrid birds producing eggs at any one time, we produce around 6.000 eggs a day. All the hens are looked after on our farm at Grouville. Every one of the hens has
the freedom to move around in specially maintained and natural runs. We provide everything they need to enjoy a healthy happy life.

I have set out to make my business a family business which can be enjoyed by my three children.. We aim to make our product special a product that ‘Genuine Jersey’ can be proud of, and a product our customers can enjoy. We value our customers and strive to provide them with a product that they too can be proud of.

Our hens are housed in purpose built hen houses their well-being is our main aim. Feed is sourced from the very best suppliers as the welfare of each Hen is of paramount importance to us. We value this natural resource, they are in real terms part of the team at ‘Happy Hens’. We strive to keep our product local and at a cost that everyone

in Jersey finds acceptable, a tall order in a changing world.

Andy Coutanche, Jersey Sandman
Since 2008 I have been creating sand art on beaches around Jersey. The opportunity to create large scale art work is quite rare, so to be able to create flowing sand art designs which interact within their surrounding
is rare indeed. Being able to do so in such truly beautiful locations as the beaches around Jersey is fantastic.

Jersey’s massive tides and the quality of the beaches make them some of the best in the world for this type of ephemeral art work and to be able to create free public art is wonderful. I love going down the beach and just enjoying the freedom of the space, the pools on the beach, the rocks protruding on that day and then working within the space to hopefully embellish nature. I go with no set plan or idea most of the time.

More recently I have been combining sand art and light painting and it’s my ability
to be creative when I’m out and not at a computer that is my skill. None of my sand art or light painting is Photoshopped or edited and everything on my facebook page: JerseySandman or website ( is straight out of the camera. So please check them out.

I have created Sand art in NZ, Bermuda, Sri Lanka, Maldives, France, England, Scotland and Ireland. It has featured in magazines from OK to Metro, UK papers, been filmed by BBC, MARE TV, NDR TV and on numerous websites.

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