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CultureArt Event of the Summer

Art Event of the Summer

It’s been some years since we partnered with CCA to host our Gallery Student Art Awards. As Gillian Duke, Managing Director of CCA Galleries, introduced this year’s Summer Exhibition, she referenced how a previous winner of the award had worked with CCA on a placement after their win and been inspired to pursue her art as a result of the experience. That’s the beauty of such events, they offer local artists a profile that can help elevate their work through new-found confidence from inclusion and recognition from a professional gallery and organisation.

The 2023 Summer Prize was awarded to artist Idina Moncreiffe for her Moncreiffe Hill. She wins the £1000 prize and her own solo exhibition at CCA International in future. Not only that; the win is recognition that the judges, who are artists of note themselves, have drawn her work from over 300 entrants and felt it deserved the award.

Judge Deborah Curtis was impressed by the talent on-island; “I was very impressed by not only the quality and intelligence of the work coming out of the creative community of Jersey but also by the significant contribution that CCA Galleries is making to build that community. We are in a crucial time which needs the quality of imagination, creativity and critical thinking shown in these works to engage effectively with the existential threats of climate change. The creative and business community of Jersey has an exciting contribution to make to these conversations”. Fellow judge and celebrated artist Gavin Turk added; ‘If judging an art exhibition may be seen more in curatorial terms, I think that this year’s Jersey summer exhibition offers a Snapshot of lots of different ways of thinking and looking at life that is both refreshing and inspiring where artists from many different backgrounds and experiences share the exhibition.’ 

Cedric Christie, who also judged alongside with his partner, reflected on the elevation for local artists beyond the term and their environment; ‘It is so easy for the audience of art to speak about … the local artist. This term is only used when not speaking about a city or when speaking about a place outside of the city. This exhibition holds its own and demonstrates that quality has no place just the ability to shake the audience… very happy to be part of it.’ 

Make sure the event is in your diary for next year and look out for Idina Moncreiffe’s exhibition, coming to CCA International in future.

graphic response.

Our part to play in the CCA Summer Exhibition this year was the sponsorship of a new category, encouraging illustrators and graphic artists to enter, alongside the more traditional painters and sculptors. 

It was a pleasure to be able to award the win in the graphics division to Marc Metland, for his incredible creative storytelling  through his layered visual design, depicting a world of his creation.

For illustration, we selected Steven Beal’s intricate cityscapes. On first glance, the vibrant colours imagine a Mediterranean city. On closer inspection, you realise they are unusual perspectives of St Helier.

We gave £250 to each winner and we’ll be featuring a profile on both in the next edition. 

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