GSAA 2009

GSAA 2009

WINNER: Ben Robertson 

My work has recently become inspired by english architecture. i am interested in recycling paper and flyers i find to use in my illustrations, and in the scenes of my animations. i like to combine my drawings and collages with film to emphasise a mixed media approach with an overall urban style.




Sarah Pashley

I have just finished my degree in printed textiles design at Loughborough University. during my time there i have enjoyed going through the transformation from being a little interested in art and design into a designer who lives and breathes it. My final project collection ?say it With Flowers? is for womenswear spring/ summer and is looking at teaming florals with pattern, based around the meaning of flowers and optic art.

Luc Pallot

As a Graphic designer i?m interested in bringing to light social issues such as politics and conflicts, as i feel such issues can at times be hard for people of my generation to understand. It also allows me to understand them further, through research, and to apply this knowledge with my skills as a designer, and pr

oduce work that will encourage others to find out more, put things into context and help build an opinion. if you wish to find out more or get in contact, you can visit the UWe Graphic design 3rd year blog and view others work as well as mine at


William Davis

I am a first year student studying at the slade school of Fine art in London. My work is based around an interest in the positions of humans and animals. Prior to university i have been a volunteer at durrell and have recently looked into the idea of creating work that is not the image of an animal but is focused on the presence of an animal.  The next direction for my work is to look into the physical beings of humans and animals and bring them together through the use of paint.



Jo Simpson

I run a dog walking business and recently held a dog photography exhibition as part of my Foundation degree at highlands college, which i have now completed. My work is based around photography, collage, and photomontage, and a recurring theme in my practice over the past four years has been change ? personal, social/cultural and through decay. This year my work has been influenced by Robert Rauschenberg, Bruce Conner and Marla Olmstead.



Oliver Le Gresley

The passion of the flamenco singer, the subtle life in a rock pool that one could easily pass by.  My inspiration comes from disparate sources.  Hand sewn, hand embroidered and hand woven articles are the result of applying a subtle passion with a determined voice.