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The Genuine Articles; Joe Pinzari

Joe Pinzari

Island’s Choice Bakery

We all know that bread is a really hot topic and is targeted as the root of many health problems.

In a recent study highlighted by Sky News packaged bread is linked with other processed foods as increasing a person’s risk of cancer by 12%.  I guess this may mean imported packaged bread on many supermarket shelves, which I understand to be made in factories, is made shelf-stable by removing the germ. That is where all the nutrition and flavours are.

Local supermarkets and businesses in Jersey have the opportunity to source their bread from local bakeries if they choose to.  This way, they are supporting local businesses, benefiting the local economy and providing local residents and visitors with a fresher, tastier and healthier product.  Next time you are in a supermarket, have a look at the balance between local and imported packaged bread.

Island’s Choice Bakery is not a factory.  Each bread and patisserie product is handcrafted by very experienced bakers and pastry chefs.  We take pride in each product we make.  Each product is made the day before it is delivered to the shelves of local supermarket and businesses.

We recently acquired Sunrise Catering, which is a wholesale catering business and provides filled rolls, baguettes, sandwiches etc. to local supermarkets and small businesses.  Here the bread is sourced from Island’s Choice Bakery to ensure you receive a fresher, tastier and healthier product.

We are grateful for all support we receive from local businesses, residents and Genuine Jersey as we continue to make a positive contribution to the Island.

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