Give me the Works

Heritage, community and culinary delights all come together in one brilliant package at newly opened The Works in Gorey.  This incredible addition to the foodie world out east is the brainchild of Laurraine Falle, owner of Gorey Pier favourite Feast. 

The Works was due to be a small pop up deli, to whet the appetites of those awaiting the arrival of The Yard, due to open in the Summer of 2017, but what has arrived, instead, is a gastronomic dream on the bottom corner of Gorey Hill.

What was once the home of Gorey’s first dairy is now the proud new owner of this beautiful delicatessen stocking an exceptional array of farmhouse cheeses, estate-bottled olive oils, salami, handmade pies, pates, smoked fish, cakes, coffee, tea and so much more.

There is a story behind everything selected and created for The Works.  Their olive oil has been sourced from a Jersey lady who has her own olive grove in Crete. Their coffee has been blended just for them, and it’s delicious and can be brought by the cup freshly made or you buy the blend to take home and make yourself. A series of local suppliers ensure there is a constant supply of fabulous seasonal produce for their range of jams and chutneys.

Executive Catering Manager Chef Paul North has worked closely with Mrs. Falle to produce a delicious range of Jersey butter and cream products, including their own butter with foraged seaweed and a range of salted caramels, all inspired by the brand’s icon Royal Viscountess Togo – one of Jersey’s most prized cows. The Viscountess was bred by Mrs. Falle’s Father in Law, AW Falle, an acclaimed Jersey cattle breeder and judge. It’s because of this link that they also feel passionately about supporting the campaign ‘Keep Jersey Farming’ by the use of the agricultural gifts from the surrounding parishes.

Of course it isn’t just about the food, even though that’s reason enough to visit. In the development of The Works Laurraine and her team collaborated with local artists and designers at The Observatory to create their beautiful packaging, adorned with beautiful illustrations many of which depict Gorey, making each treat you take home feel like a present. Then there’s the little details that make the shop itself so special, such as the hand made tiles, made by Jersey potter Dave Brown, which adorn the walls inside and out and there’s even Bronze cast Croissant door Handles made by Pippa Barrow. Every detail has been highly considered and makes a visit even more of an experience.

It would be remiss not to mention the incredibly talented Parisian pastry chef, Aesun Aune.  She is the lady responsible for producing the vast array of eclairs, beautiful in both looks and taste, with changing flavours that will reflect the seasons, and along with the Macarons, would make an excellent gift.  There is also an excellent range of gluten free and sourdough breads and biscuits which are all produced by hand. You can even see the bakers making, finishing and preparing some of the items in the window of the shop. You can also commission birthday, wedding and celebration cakes.

You really do need to go and experience The Works for yourself, it has boundless beauties awaiting you, it’s even worth making a special trip out east just to try them!

The Works, 2 Gorey Hill

Open from 8am till 7pm, 7 days a week