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On a roll.

Thank god this is the ‘open’ edition; I lost all my notes from my chin wag with Roly but never fear – I have the memory of an elephant AND I’ve known this dude for an eon, so I can draw from lots of funny experiences and all the stories he’s animatedly delivered over the years! Roly’s been a kind of mentor to me since I was a nipper and has always shone brightly for the brands he champions and the friends he holds dear (of which, there are many!). So, without further ado (or notes), here’s an open convo with Jersey’s travelling brand troubadour and all-round all-American/Swedish/Jersey legend, Roland Topf.

I’m going to throw it out there that most people reading this will know, or at least met or heard of Roly. The guy with the Hollywood smile and a penchant for repping brands – notably, Rekoderlig. The cider sensation that has Jersey hooked on a wide array of fruity flavours of sparkling sweetness, with just the right amount of ‘tipple’ to it. If you haven’t heard of Roly, you’ll have heard of Rekorderlig – and it’s him you have to thank for it. (He says, you’re welcome).

The man behind the brand has come back to Jersey for the summer. Whilst he’s still kicking the Swedish meatballs out of the park with Rekorderlig, Roly has recently brought some slightly healthier brands to our shores… okay, okay, Rekoderlig can kinda be counted as one of your five a day, but the new products Roly’s packing are soul-fresh, literally. Whatever the brand or business Roly picks up to promote, he’s only ever done so after plenty of careful thought and consideration. Believing in the products is tantamount and being a people person, Roly likes nothing better than to click with the crew he’s repping. He’s innovative and always open to opportunities and with an avid sense of adventure and worryingly fearless streak, life is one big jolly Roly-coaster!

I recall hilarity in boundless bundles when I worked with Roly at Rock Galaxy. The team were constantly partying, basically – it was actually work, but with Roland at the helm there was never a dull moment. Cheers for the Marilyn moment, bruv. Lol.

Historically, on this island, Roly rode the wave of the high times of tourism and hospitality in the 80s-00s+. Jersey was abuzz and the energetic young Roland had done his stint, shakin’ cocktails and his tail-feather on the QE2, hitting the island once again to tear up the rule book and make some noise. Going on to manage Liquid, the island’s biggest nightclub, set up a momentous 70’s DISCO tribute show, called The Disco Sensation and performing in top venues around the world, whilst also setting some mad record by flying off a snow cornice on his skis in the island’s biggest snow storm – it’s safe to say that this dude has squeezed every second out of pretty much every day.

When you look at the fun and success being open to opportunities can bring, you often find yourself noticing all manner of synchronicities (coincidences are for cynics). Here’s one that had Roly dabbing his eyes… A good decade after starting work with Rekorderlig, helping make it a globally recognised brand, Roly was on a plane with the company’s Global Brand Manager. They were en route to a massive event in the USA, (Roland has his Green Card and has pretty much turned into a bona fide American) and he was discussing the first time he’d ever smelled Rekorderlig. The sparkling strawberry cider he’d come across smelled just like the scents from his grandfather’s sugar factory in Sweden (many moons ago)… a nostalgic and beautiful time from his childhood. As he reminisced, something twigged with the Swedish Brand Manager of Rekorderlig. She was sitting next to the grandson of the owner of the factory they use in production of the sugar in the cider… Needless to say, they cracked open a Rekorderlig to celebrate the connection.

With cider still in his repertoire and ticking along nicely, Roly’s new SoulFresh focus is bringing Kombucha and Almond Milks (I’m still unsure how you milk a nut, but Roly says his nut milk is the only one that is pure as pure can be – we’ll take his word for it and also the word of the experts who have tested Roly’s nuts)… There’s also a superb and rather decadent chocolate – it’s healthy too, so guilt-free if you’re one of those people who feels bad about enjoying life.

SoulFresh products aim to ‘change the way people eat and drink for the better’ – their brands are literally fresh AF and Uber-healthy without losing the taste sensations and deliciousness. Do you live LOHAS? It means Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability – we all could do with more of that! Less sugars than other brands, more health, less waste, more happiness, less spiel – yes please.

Kombucha – Lo Bros

Nut Milks – Nutty Bruce

Chocolate – Pico

Check out all these mind-bindingly tasty treats at  If you can’t wait for your local store, gym, cafe or bar to get it then all of them can currently be picked up at Fox Trading shop on Rue De Pres – soon to be pretty much everywhere though, if Rock n’ Roly has anything to do with it!

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