AgendaGradu8 | Jessica Noon

Gradu8 | Jessica Noon

Gallery speaks to recent graduates about their move to the working world, what motivates them and what advice they’d give to those that are new to Jersey’s top companies. We also caught up with a recruitment consultant to hear about their advice for graduates.

Jessica Noon


Age: 21


Uni attended? N/A

Course undertaken? N/A

What did you want to be when you were 8? Magician

Favourite way to relax? An overnight stay in a hotel, I love using spas and chilling out in the hotel room

Favourite place to eat in Jersey? SOY

What’s your favourite possession? My Polaroid camera because I have captured great memories with it.

What made you choose the company you work for?

After my first few years in finance I decided I needed a new challenge and BNP Paribas seemed to fit perfectly. As an employer they offered great potential for professional development as I would be working for a client with a reputation for expecting the highest standard of work and client service. The potential for worldwide exposure was another reason I chose BNP Paribas, with offices in 80 countries, opportunities to work further afield are also possible.

What sort of professional training do you take? 

I have recently completed my ICSA Level 4 in International Finance and Administration (IFA) and currently completing Level 5 IFA. This qualification covers many topics for example; business management, acceptance of new business and regulations/laws, financial reporting, fund administration and fund accounting. It is both interesting and relevant to my role in the finance sector and requires a lot of hours of study!

What do you do on an average day?

I currently work in Private Equity therefore my average day usually involves an investment of some sort which requires payment, preparation and filing of trade documentation. Should foreign exchange hedging be necessary, I will prepare foreign exchange trade templates, as well as communicating with the counterparty bank and investment manager, to reconcile the figures and rates. I also get involved with capital drawdowns and distributions for our investors.

What is your next step?

My focus will be to study really hard over the next few months to complete Level 5 IFA and become fully qualified by the end of 2018. Fingers crossed!

What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

My advice would be to gain as much experience in different client areas as possible. The more experience, the wider the skill set you will have under your belt, enabling you to apply the fundamentals of fund administration to different situations. It will also help you decide which area you would most like to work in and go on to develop your career further in a particular area.


The Group first set up in the Channel Islands in 1979 and has grown along with the development of Jersey as a financial centre specialising in private wealth management and institutional asset management, fund and securities services.

Across the Channel Islands, our professional team works to offer our customers a wide range of services and products, providing innovative, customised solutions.  BNP Paribas’ teams are committed to ensuring that the bank contributes every day to the success of everyone who places their confidence in us and to the progress of society as a whole.


Contact Catherine Harzo, HR Officer – Channel Islands T:815200

BNP Paribas S.A., IFC1, The Esplanade, St Helier,

Jersey, JE1 5BP

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