It?s hard to plan anything in CapeTown as many attractions are weather dependant; visiting Table Mountain being one of them. For those of you not hiking inclined, take the revolving cable car up.  The time of year also determines opening and closing times. In South African summertime the days are longer and the cable car open later. I can?t think of a better time to go up and experience the breathtaking views from the top of Table Mountain other than sunset. Take a picnic and some Savannahs (the local cider) and enjoy the Cape in the day, as the sun goes down and the city starts to light up after dark. It is half the price but remember to take a jumper, once the sun goes down it can get cold all the way up there. 



Take a day to visit the Cape Penninsula. There are some beautiful bays including Camps and False Bay with Table Mountain as a stunning back drop, Visit the penguin colony at boulder bay and walk along from the Cape of Good Hope (the most Southern East point of the country) to Cape Point. Even if you are not a big walker, this is well worth the effort. If it is the right time of year, you may be lucky enough to spot sharks and whales off the coast. 



The contrast between Cape Town and the villages on the wild coast is so big. Soaking up the atmosphere is a great way to spend your time in Cape Town. Gardens near the foot of Table Mountain is a trendy area of the city, where fashionable and creative people go to eat breakfast in Arnolds, drink cocktails in chic bars and shop in boutiques. We stayed in Ashanti Lodge; a Spanish villa style hostel complete with swimming pool and a loo with a view. To the bottom end of Gardens, the road meets Long Street; one of the oldest streets in Cape Town. Recognised by Victorian buildings and cast iron railings, Long Street is colourful and lively with people, bars, hostels, clubs, shops and restaurants such the ?must eat at? Mama Africa ? just make sure you book beforehand. Long Street can get a little seedy at night, so keep your eyes on your money!ESCAPE TO CAPE VERDE?


In less than six hours? flying time, you could be relaxing on glorious white sand beaches, under the warm skies of Cape Verde.  


Situated off the West coast of Africa, with average year round temperatures rarely falling below the high twenties, Cape Verde is perfect for those seeking spectacular beaches and interesting culture.  


Thanks to North East trade winds, the islands are an excellent choice to experience exhilarating water sports, including kite and wind surfing.  Sal, the main tourist island offers a good selection of restaurants, alongside beautiful beaches.  


For a more tranquil beach holiday, the island of Boa Vista is said to be the third most important loggerhead nesting site in the world.  


In contrast, Sao Vicente boasts vibrant nightlife and is classed as the ?cultural? centre of the archipelago.  Lively nightlife can also be found on Santiago, the most developed of the islands.  


Inter-island day trips by aircraft are an excellent way of experiencing a taste of other islands, and island tours are also available.


Nightlife in Cape Verde generally stems from live music with African, Brazilian and Cape Verdean influences. Grogue, an alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane, is a speciality here, with its sweet variation is known as punch. It is distilled on Santa Antao and Santiago, and to soak it up, a well established dish on the menu is tuna with rice and deep-fried potatoes. Langoustines must definitely be given a try: these are to be found in deep waters and weigh up to 5 kg. Whether grilled, eaten raw or ?soado?, steamed in a sauce made from tomato puree, garlic and onions, the lobster without pincers remains culinary poetry!


For spectacular mountain scenery and hiking opportunities, choose Santa Antao, or the island of Fogo which is home to an active volcano.  


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