Jersey has some beautiful watering holes but these days those public houses are as likely to serve you a fantastic meal as your they are your favourite tipple. Ahead of publishing this year’s edition of Appetite, we met up with some of the brilliant Chefs behind several of the Liberation Group pubs and restaurants to find out what their all time favourite ingredients are.


“It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef or not, salt and pepper brings any food to life. They are the most universal seasoning and I couldn’t do my job without them.”

Five Oaks Eating House

“Living by the sea for more than ten years is probably the main reason that fish is my favourite ingredient to work with!”


The White Horse

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico and love the spicy flavours of the food there, so it has to be chillies for me – add in a few margaritas and I’m happy!”


Seaton Place Social

“Rib eye is the new fillet, it’s a chef’s dream! As it cooks it creates a wonderful flavour and texture that will melt in your mouth, delicious!”



The Cock & Bottle

“I love cooking with red meat, chicken and salmon so garlic and a beautiful olive oil would have to be my favourite ingredients, they not only go perfectly together, but they also have some great health benefits!”


The Halkett

“I love classic ingredients that you can find in every kitchen. Most recipes I enjoy to cook start with the humble onion, you can’t beat the smell when they start cooking!”



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Bon appétit!