PHOTO Glen Perotte

John and Angela of Jerriaise D’or Goat Farm in St Ouen are currently the only goat’s cheese producers on the Island.

The farm started in 2010 when the Golden Guernsey goats were reintroduced into Jersey by John and Angela and the process of organically increasing the size of the herd began. There is a history goatherds in Jersey, most of which died out during the Second World War, and many locals have fond memories of goats and particularly Golden Guernseys being kept by their families in their youth.

The Golden Guernsey are still a rare breed and John and Angela were delighted with the birth of 11 kids this year. The welfare of their goats is paramount. The kids remain with their Mums until weaned and they continue to milk their girls by hand. Jerriaise D’or is the only goat farm in the Channel Islands which is a member of KIWA, the goat farming equivalent of Red Tractor. The KIWA assessor commended Jerriaise Do’r on the farm for the wonderful environment created resulting in very happy and healthy goats.

Golden Guernseys are a relatively low yield dairy goat but the milk is high quality, creamy, but fresh tasting. There is an increasing demand for untreated dairy produce and Jerriaise D’or’s hand crafted artisan products are unique – unlike the commercially-farmed goat products available in the supermarkets. The milk is twice filtered, remains raw and is used to produce cheese, yoghurt, kefir and ice cream.

The fresh cheeses include the popular Jerriaise D’or Rosemary and extra virgin olive oil, Jerriaise D’or honey infused with Jerriaise D’or Lavender, Jerriaise D’or thyme, smoked spicy paprika and cracked black pepper or for those who prefer their goat’s cheese unadulterated there is Au Naturel. In addition there is a aged goat’s cheese which is a little special called Saulire (aka Fluffy Fuhka!) which improves with age to produce a more complex and fuller flavour.

The cheeses are available from the farm and from Relish in St Helier.