pick up your free appetite guide, out this month.

As Jersey residents we know we?re spoilt for choice when it comes to all things culinary but it?s amazing how there is still so much to learn. We wanted to produce a decent food guide to offer more information and actual content than any before it.

We?ve got features, restaurant profiles, interviews with the Island?s top chefs and a few snippets of features you may recognise from Gallery too. We?ve done a poll amongst our friends and confidantes and included a full directory of all the places we think are half decent to go and grab something to eat. Whether you have an urge to book in for some Jersey shellfish ravioli at Tassili, a steak at Wildfire or a night in with some lettuce wraps from the Noble House, this is the chance to flick through and try something new. We?ve also included all the take-away numbers with recommended dishes.

We?re not stopping there either.

As part of Appetite each year we?ll be encouraging restaurants to offer a special menu over the month of March to coincide with the launch of the guide. We know it?s been done before, but why not encourage it, all the better for foodie explorers and the restaurants hoping to greet them.

So go on, put me next to your sofa / phone / bed / jacuzzi and use me as reference next time you?re thinking of trying somewhere new to eat or ordering in.
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