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I’m a Hipster and that’s ok: Confessional

The time has come to accept an inescapable fact – I am a hipster. For too long I have  resisted the urge to come...

Don’t just go big…go Massif!

The Grand Massif is a large ski area just one hour from Geneva which comprises the villages of les Carroz, Morillon, Samoens, Sixt Fer a Cheval and Flaine and boasts over 265 km of pistes, with a great snow record, due to it’s proximity to Mont Blanc, which keeps the whole area cool. Flaine is famous for its severe Bauhaus architecture and multi storey blocks, which are not to everyone’s taste, however the resort has long been “on the map” for British skiers as a self-catered apartment ski destination with great skiing.

Alex Farnham’s Diary of a Young Professional

My flat smells of cat poo. Not just a hint of it either… I’m sad to say it’s fully permeated with the pungent pong of feline faecal matter. I thought kittens were supposed to be cute and dainty and little. How can they produce such large amounts of waste in one sitting?

Dark does matter

When the laws of nature appear to be almost as abstract and as illogical as the idea of an omnipotent, omnipresent being creating the universe in 6 days and science fiction seems like a sunday school picnic you realise we’ve come an awful long way in understanding how stuff works. Either that or somewhere along the road to enlightenment we’ve taken a wrong turn or two - which is highly likely, we don’t yet know and quite possibly never will.

Alex Farnham’s diary of a Postgrad

‘Let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get a wave’ (Minaj, Nicki. ‘Starships’. 2012.) Setting aside my poor excuse for academic referencing, take note of the opening lyrics to this popular hit song – let’s delve deeper shall we?

Six Signs Of Growing Long In The Tooth

Growing old is an unavoidable fact of life – well, not strictly unavoidable, but the alternative is less desirable. ‘Old’ is relative of course, but there’s a certain stage of your life where you start becoming more aware of the decreasing number of people you know that are older and the increasing number that are younger than you.