Siblings Bethany (7) and Ava (6) fight often, but this is not a case of sibling rivalry. When the girls fight, they’re not going at each other; they’re representing Jersey in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The sisters have been training at Gracie Barra Jersey since they were both just aged three, under the tutelage of head coach, Rob Staples, and the girls’ father, Alan Corke. Over the years, the girls have grown from participants to champions, recently returning from a European competition in Wolverhampton with gold, silver and bronze medals in tow. The girls are a shining example of the young members of the Gracie Barra academy (and to be fair, the adults as well) because of their attitude and commitment to the sport of jiu-jitsu. We asked the sisters what they love about jiu-jitsu and why they think it’s important to play sport.

What do you love most about jiu-jitsu?

Bethany: Training and making new friends

Ava: Playing with different children

Why is jiu-jitsu better than other sports?

Bethany: Because you learn to defend yourself

Ava: Because there is so much to learn

What do you like most about competing?

Bethany: Winning

Ava: Making new friends

How does jiu-jitsu make you feel?

Bethany: Tired

Ava: Happy

Why do you think it’s important that children play sport?

Bethany: To learn new skills

Ava: To keep fit