Silent Disco

Each pair of Gallery Silent Disco headphones have two channels, so the wearer can choose between two kinds of music. Try pitching Drum&Bass against Disco and watch the crowd dance and sing in different ways… you plug your two audio sources (Decks, CDJs, iPods, mixers) into the transmitter?s two inputs and away you go, stereo in stereo!

Headsets (Up to 100 pairs) : Two channel Gallery Silent Disco Headsets.

Batteries : Each headset takes 2 AAA batteries, supplied charged ready for your event.

Transmitter : Ready to receive your two audio sources

Spare Transmitter : Just in case

headphone jack > transmitter cables : For use with devices with headphone jacks

red/white to transmitter cables : For use with mixers / professional equipment

A typical rental of 100 headsets is therefore £300 (100x£3).

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1 Charges are for a 24 hour period unless otherwise confirmed in writing.

2 Costs of rental include all items above.

3. Minimum rental volume is 50 pairs

4. Headsets to be collected from Factory office at 10 Minden Street.

5 If delivery is required we will use a delivery service and add this cost to your invoice.

6 A £12 replacement cost applies to lost or broken headphones

7 3 pairs of additional headphones will be supplied to account for breakages

8 A £36 security charge will be applied as insurance over breakages.