get the skills you need with a Fast Track programme.

Not sure if a career in finance is for you? Maybe the Fast Track To Finance will help guide you in the right direction.
Park Personnel teamed up with one of Jersey’s leading training providers to design the Fast Track To Finance course as an intensive full time programme. It is aimed at providing people like you with the skills to start work in Jersey?s finance industry.
Kelly Barden from Park Personnel works with trainees and Graduates to find employment opportunities, here she answers some questions about Fast Track?..

Q: What is the ?Fast Track To Finance? course?
A: It is literally a ?fast track? induction programme offering a choice of one, two or three weeks of full time study in a professional classroom environment. The aim is for you to come away after a very short period with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of relevant terminologies and practices involved in trust and fund administration.

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Topics include:
Jersey as an Offshore Centre
What Career Routes Exist?
What is a Trust?
Investing in the Fund

Q: What is involved in the course?
A: Depending on which direction you intend taking your career there are three parts to the course to choose from:
?Induction: Overview of finance in Jersey includes understanding Investment and Funds, Trust and Company and Bookkeeping
?Option 1:  A focus on and Introduction to Trust & Company Administration and understanding the legislation
?Option 2: A focus on and Introduction to Fund Management

Q: Who delivers the course?
A: Industry professionals and trainers from BPP Professional Education.

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Good communication and numeracy skills are essentials, as is a sound educational background. The key skills you need to demonstrate are:
?A working knowledge of MS Office
?Interest and ambition to join the finance industry
?Good presentation and a ?can do? attitude

Q: Why is it a fast track?
A: This comprehensive Fast Track programme is an excellent shortcut to professional examinations such as the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (ICSA) and other professional training courses that relate to the fields of Bookkeeping and Investment Administration.

Q: Do employers recognise the course?
A: Yes a number of companies from Accountancy and Law Firms to Trust companies have placed their trainees and Graduates on the Fast Track to give them a basic knowledge in preparation for joining their business.

Q: Is there a mark at the end of the course?
A: To date the pass rate has been high with all delegates getting at least 60%  All those who attend the course are presented with certificates.

Q: When is the next course?
A: June and September, for bookings and further information contact Kelly on 871666 or email