Gaston      Pug
Sam          Human

Gaston      5 months  
Sam          25

Gaston      Walnuts, grapes, running around in the autumn leaves and making new friends
Sam          Dancing and cooking

Gaston      Doing my business in front of people (I am very shy)
Sam          Not much at the moment

If human/animal would be:
Gaston      A Formula 1 driver (I love my trips in the car and running at full speed around the room, sooooo much fun)
Sam          A cat, preferably living where I am now with Gaston as my buddy…

Gaston      More walnuts please!
Sam          A flying device which can get me somewhere fast and for free!

interesting facts:
Gaston      I love watching Holby City and I have a white patch on my chest
Sam          I can show all my teeth at once, whilst smiling (does that count?)

Most impressive thing ever done:
Gaston      I barked for the first time just a week ago
Sam          Cooked a Lobster Bisque from scratch (it tasted out of this world!)