George: Human

Rupert: Yorkshire Terrier

Rocco: Yorkshire Terrier



George: 11

Rupert: 10 weeks

Rocco: 10 weeks


George: Skateboarding and Snow Boarding and anything outside

Rupert: Digging and I can’t wait until I am allowed outside so I can dig up the garden

Rocco: Play fighting is the best but being cuddled comes close in second


George: Unkindness

Rupert: Rain because that means I can’t play

Rocco: X-Factor I don’t understand why everyone raves about it so much!

If human/animal you would be :

George: A Penguin!

Rupert: I’d be Brad Pitt

Rocco: and I’d be Bradley Cooper


George: To be a professional snow boarder

Rupert: Treats all the time!

Rocco: A Christmas stocking full of toys!

Interesting facts:

George: I’m prediccted to be 6’4”  when I grow up as a minimum

Rupert:Rocco and I are brothers and we have very different personalities I am quiet and loving.

Rocco: I was the smallest of my litter and I am very adventurious and mysterious.