Rose and Eleanor Colley are lawyers at Viberts, who also happen to be the only Jersey-qualified mother-daughter legal duo on the Island. Despite their relationship, Rose and Eleanor practise in very different areas of law. Rose heads up Viberts’ family law team, while Eleanor works in Viberts’ commercial law department practising non-contentious corporate work.

Eleanor Colley (pictured left)

Favourite possession – My fiction books by Czech authors, which remind me of my time studying in Prague.

Favourite colour – The whole rainbow!

Favourite animal – The Aye-Ayes at Jersey Zoo – a fascinating species of lemur from Madagascar. 

Favourite smell – Bluebell by Penhaligons 

Favourite way to spend a weekend – Birdwatching or strolling on the beach with my husband, Miguel 

Favourite food – Miguel’s paella 

Favourite ice cream flavour – I’m not a great fan of ice cream, so I would go for Pinkberry frozen yoghurt (in NYC)

Favourite pastime – Walking our new dog Sullivan, who was thankfully rescued by the wonderful Jersey group ‘The Company of Dogs’

Favourite film – I love musicals, so I would say Grease or The Sound of Music

Favourite book – I Served the King of England by Bohumil Hrabal (a wonderful Czech writer).

Favourite song – Anything by ABBA!

Favourite person – My husband, Miguel.

Favourite celebrity – Elisabeth Moss is my favourite actress, she is just fantastic in Mad Men and The Handmaid’s Tale

Favourite thing to splurge on – Definitely clothes, I love vintage fashion

Favourite memory – The time I spent  studying  in New York City with my friends.


Rose Colley (pictured right)

Favourite possession – My collection of paintings brings me the most happiness, especially the artworks featuring poppies.

Favourite colour – I love all colours except black and brown. The more colour, the better.

Favourite animal – Cats, particularly my newly adopted cat Millie.

Favourite smell – The Geranium Bourbon scent by Miller Harris, which smelt of an English summer garden after rain, although sadly it has been discontinued. 

Favourite way to spend a weekend – Relaxing with my family, enjoying nice champagne and good food, and watching a Scandi drama or two

Favourite food – I love all sorts of different food, but my favourite meal would be lamb with Jersey Royals and English asparagus. 

Favourite ice cream flavour – I don’t love ice cream, but if I had to choose it would be vanilla

Favourite pastime – Probably cooking. At the moment I am working my way through Indian cuisine, trying lots of new curries.

Favourite film – Doctor Zhivago – I have seen it at the cinema over 20 times! 

Favourite book – Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, I am fascinated by her ability to write about situations and emotions which she would have personally known very little about.

Favourite song – Anything by Leonard Cohen, especially his original version of the song “Hallelujah”.

Favourite person – All three of my children, I can’t possibly choose just one.

Favourite celebrity – I really don’t buy into celebrities, I think the whole celebrity culture is quite damaging. 

Favourite thing to splurge on – I love beautiful hotels, particularly those in city locations like London or Prague.

Favourite memory – There are so, so many…probably days out with my grandmother in Margate as a child in the 1960s.