POTMPet of the month .... Bella Ollivier

Pet of the month …. Bella Ollivier

Bella Ollivier 

Breed: Sheep.

Age: Nine months.

Likes: Playing with the dogs at home (Mya and Hurley) and my  best friend is bonnie (she’s also a sheep).

Hates: The pig snoring and being chased by Max the goat.

If I was a human I would be: A lady of leisure with my very own sofa and a never ending bag of frazzels!!!!

Wants: To be in the house with my humans and the dogs (but I’m bit to big now).

Interesting facts: I love to go for walks with the dogs, I really like meeting people and I’ve also been known to take a pop at the postman.

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: Learning to go to the loo outside when I lived in the house, everyone was happy about this.

Elaine Ollivier

Breed: Human (I think, some may not agree).

Age: 53

Likes: Being at home with my animals (they get me).

Hates: Crumpets, I just don’t like all the holes in them, they’re horrible!

If I was an animal I would be: A cat, so I could come and go when I please and have a human slave!

Wants: I’d love to run  an animal rescue centre and give them all the chance they deserve.

Interesting facts: Sshhhh, but when I was young I had a Bay City Rollers outfit. Hahaha

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: Climbing the Sydney harbour bridge, it was amazing and the view was unbelievable.

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