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& Rodanthe

Breed: Minecraft Masters.

Age: Nearly eight and six and a half.

Likes: Roast Dinners, The Seascale Restaurant, Stampy Minecraft Guru, The new Thunderbirds, Stuart’s Ice cream van at Gorey.

Hates: Renouard: Avocado. Rodanthe: Baked Beans.

If I was an animal I would be: Renouard: a Puffin living in Burhou (my bedroom is decorated as Burhou I LOVE puffins!) Rodanthe: My dog, Choo, she is even funnier than me!

Wants: Renouard Nothing!  Rodanthe My teacher Mrs Bredonchel not to retire, I love her.

Interesting Fact: We both play the drums.

Most impressive thing you have ever done: Renouard: Won a trophy for motorbiking. Rodanthe: My dog Choo was the Doggie Trex Dog of the week last week, she even got a certificate!

Prada, Louis Vuitton & Jemima Choo

Breed: Lurcher, Basset Hound, Weechon (half Westie/half Beechon)

Age: Prada 13, Louis 14.5, Choo five.

Likes: We all like our walks with Doggie Trex and the Company of Dogs for doing such a super job saving our species from horrible humans!

Hates: Prada: Noise from the building site next to our house sends me loopy Louis: Getting my ears cleaned. Choo: Nothing, everything is fabulous!

Wants: Everyone to come to the Doggie Trex Poop Pick up on the Sand Dunes on Sunday 12 July at 1030am!

Interesting Fact: Prada: I have a blue eye and a brown eye. Louis: I am 98 in human years. Choo: I came to Jersey on a plane with my brother Bentley! We are the only two Weechons in Jersey!

Most impressive thing you have ever done: Prada: I have eaten a wall and the interior of a car! Louis: Lived this long, I’m 14 and a half. Choo: I give gifts; slippers, hair bobbles, anything I can find.

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