Pet of the Month

Paul Mooney

Breed: Hairdresser.

Age: 45

Likes: Banjos Margaritas and a Drifters Scottish breakfast.

Hates: Bad service and sharts!!!

If you were an animal what would you be: Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee Bubbles.

Wants: To be 6ft 4” with an afro. Interesting facts: I have worked on 20 Hollywood movies, Strictly Come Dancing and had pizza with Vivienne Westwood.

Most impressive thing you’ve done: After being invited on Tom Hanks private jet whilst working on the Da Vinci Code Movie (I was styling Audrey Tautou) I fell asleep and snored loudly the whole journey, much to Tom’s amusement.


Jack Mooney

Breed: Jack Russell.

Age: Two years old.

Likes: Roller blading & eating carrots.

Hates: Baths & birds.

If you were a human who would you be: Alan from the Hangover!

Wants: A big garden and a brother or sister.

Interesting facts: I can sing along to karaoke & I’m great at playing dead.

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: When I was a pup I peed at pinewood studios and played with lots of A list actors.