Pet of the Month


Name: Ruby Butler


Age: 11

Likes: Surfing, Irish Dancing, Baking, Swimming, Photography, Food.

Hates: Washing the dishes, having to sit still for ages.

If  I was an animal I would be : A peacock because it’s a beautiful bird and they’re unusual.

Wants: To be taller and to go to Hungary.

Interesting facts: I’m an Irish Dancer, I do a lot of photography, I love editing my photos and videos, my dads an artist.

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: Danced Solo for the Eisteddfod Gala show at the Opera House. Swam with dolphins.



Name: Otis 

Breed: Spanish Water Dog

Age: 8

Likes: Cheese, being tickled, being talked to, sitting with my dad on the sofa, swimming in the sea, walks on the beach

Hates: Baths, hair cuts, large dogs, loud noises.

If human I would be : What do you mean I’m not human?

Wants: Treats, cuddles, walks on the beach, to be tickled and having my back scratched.

Interesting facts: He has webbed feet like ducks, there are not many of my breed in Jersey.

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: I cuddle up on the sofa with our rabbit Pepper. We’re best friends.



Name: Sian Butler

Breed: Human

Age: 13

Likes: Beach, swimming in the sea, surfing, penny boarding, spending time with friends & family, music, Pretty Little Liars.

Hates: Mushrooms, Marmite, my frizzy hair, big fair rides.

If  I was an animal I would be: A Koala Bear because I am calm & quiet and I like to relax.

Wants: Hot holidays, more episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

Interesting facts: I have held & fed a baby Kangaroo in Australia and I swam with Dolphins.