Pet of the Month


Tyson (AKA Ball of Anger & Rage)
Breed: Westie
Age: I’ll be 3 this month!
Likes: Cheese, cuddles and rolling in seaweed
Hates: Builders, delivery men and loud noises
If human would be: A Model, I have already been in a catalogue
Wants: Cheese, cheese & more cheese
Interesting facts: I had my hip joint removed before I was 2 years old.
Most impressive thing ever done: I have managed to catch 2 cats on 2 different occasions!

Breed: Human
Age: 38
Likes: Scuba diving, rock climbing, walks & naps
Hates: People who loiter in doorways
If animal would be:  A lion, I already have the hair for it!
Wants: House renovations to be complete
Interesting facts: I’m from Canada & I fight bears
Most impressive thing ever done: I’ll tell you when I get back from Peru

Breed: Human
Age: 34
Likes: Lazy Saturday mornings
Hates: Slow walkers
If animal would be: A goldfish as a 3 second memory is acceptable
Wants: A tazer
Interesting facts: I’m very good at pole dancing
Most impressive thing ever done: Mountain climbing in Borneo