Pet of the Month – December


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Breed:  Jersey Bean
Age:  35yrs
Likes:  Roast chestnuts, hollandaise sauce (not together) & helping dog owners to train their dogs.
Hates:  Hot weather, parsley (again, not necessarily together) & dog owners who don’t listen.
If you were an animal?  A cat
Wants:  More sleep!
Interesting facts:  I’ve recently moved back to Jersey and set up DogWorks – dog training & behaviour.
Most impressive thing ever done:  Helped people with aggressive dogs & dogs with separation anxiety

GREY (left) & SLATE (right)
Breed: Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer & Weimaraner.
Age: 6yrs & 9yrs.
Likes: Hunting, retrieving, game, hotdogs, ear scratches & playing tug.
Hates: Baths, after having rolled in disgusting things.
If human would be: A clown (Grey) and a neurotic ballerina who also works as a security guard (Slate).
Wants: Food, always.
Interesting facts: Slate & Grey are working gundogs.  Their owner, Jo, runs Dog Works’ dog training & behaviour (
Most impressive thing ever done: Won out of Novice & Graduate classes in UK gundog working tests; won the Guns’ Award in UK field trials; hold the KC Working Gundog Certificate.


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